Chowan River Basin

By: Trevor Banks and Blane Jacobs

Where is it located??

The mouth is located in Edenton, NC. It lies on the boarder of North Carolina and Southeast Virginia. It is 1,298 square miles long. 61,548 people live in the basin and see it on a daily basis. It has 791 miles of streams.

What its like??

The Enchanted Forrest is located along side of the river basin as well as Edenton, Jamestown VA, Chowan Swamp and then Gatesville.

A non-point source can be storm drain that runs along side of the river. Another non-point source is oil, grease and toxic chemicals from urban runoffs. Factories are what is producing the oil and grease into the water.

A point source is the farmers way of irrigation is eroding the soil causing the soil to go into the river and make it dirtier. Also another one is discharges from a wastewater and a pipe going into the water, peoples waste from there house ruins into the sewer and the sewer runs into the river from a single pipe.


Too fix the non-point sources we can ask the factories to store the excess grease and oil and other waste to make it go to a landfill instead of going into the wild. For the point source we can put a micron-filter in the river which is going to clog all the algea and sediments from going down stream and harming the wild life in the area

Mouth of The River

This is where all the water comes to drain into the basin.