The Vikings, Come Raid with Us

By: Caleb Hiegel and Walter Flanagin


For our destination we chose to go and raid Sicily because they are catholic and have a bunch of churches that we can raid and get treasure. They also have lots of gold and wealth. Sicily will probably be less defended than France or another large country.

Length of Voyage

It will take us about 135 days to get there and back. The voyage is about 5 times as long as Norway to Britain which was fifteen days. So it will be around 60 days to get there, 15 day raid, and around 60 days to get back.

Time of Year

We should start in late winter around february so when we get to Sicily the weather will be warm. In April Sicily will probably be warm but not too hot to fight in.

Necessary traits and weapons of the recruits.

The weapons each viking will need is a helmet, chain mail, an axe and or longsword, and a shield. We need tall strong and well built men for the voyage. They will need to row so they need high stamina and pain tolerance. We are also now hiring a sailmaker to help us repair sails if we run into bad weather. He will need to bring cloth with him as it is not provided.

Possible Rewards

We will get lots of gold, religious artifacts, silver, and maybe some slaves to be used and also sold. We may also learn new tactics or learn new ideas.