Armstrong High School Weekly Update

Week Of June 6, 2016 to June 11, 2016 (Wk37)

"Membership Has Its Privileges - Building A Strong Foundation”

  • Lesson Plans are non-negotiable – Lesson plans must be submitted weekly using the new RPS format – UBD model – Lesson plans are a clear picture of Teaching and Learning opportunities in your class
  • Reminder to all teachers - please ensure that you are using your Daily Attendance Logs to keep documentation of your back up attendance. More Logs are available at your request.
  • Don't forget to return to Mrs. Murray your daily inspirational thought to be read over the announcements. Feel free to submit multiple thoughts of inspiration!
  • NEW Announcement Form! All announcements must be submitted electronically. Click on the link above. Announcements must be submitted the day before they are expected to be read.
  • Implementation of the 5-5-5 Parent Call Log has begun – Please see Mrs. Carter if you need additional information


Remember to only use the attendance on the home page of ASPEN. Please, update any tardy students in ASPEN when they arrive late!

Teachers are reminded that Daily Attendance is to be taken in ASPEN within the first 15 minutes of class each period. Usage of the Daily Attendance Logs is not an option, it is mandated per the Code of Virginia - § 22.1-259.

Security Reminders

  • All staff must wear their RPS ID at all times
  • Always lock up all personal items
  • DO NOT give studentsbuilding keys for any reason.
  • DO NOT open doors for staff. Side entrance will be locked by 8 AM each day. After 8 AM only use the front door entrance.
  • Restricted Movement means Restricted Movement! No one is to move when a Restricted Movement Notice has been given. Students nor staff are permitted to be in the hall way. It is for your safety!
  • DO NOT purchase snacks for students out of the vending machines. The Vending Machines in room 118 have been relocated to teacher work room.
  • DO NOT block a door if a students is trying to leave. Dial 501 to alert security.
  • DO NOT encourage students to leave you room. If you need a student removed, alert security.
  • DO NOT deny students entrance into class if they are late.
  • Please place notification on your door if you are relocating your classroom.
  • Follow the 30/30 rule, always!
  • Remember NO lunch starts at the bell!

Strengthening the Craft of Teaching and Learning


VDOE English SOL Resources

VDOE EOC Reading Spring 2014 Student Performance Analysis

VDOE EOC Reading Spring 2013 Student Performance Analysis

Text Dependent Questions: Sample Question Starters

Prompts for Text Dependent Questions


VDOE Science Spring 2014 Instructional Guidance based on Student Performance

VDOE Earth Science Spring 2013 Student Performance Analysis with Instr. Guidance

VDOE Biology Spring 2013 Student Performance Analysis with Instructional Guidance

VDOE Chemistry Spring 2013 Student Performance Analysis with Instructional Guidance


VDOE Algebra I Spring 2014 Student Performance Analysis

VDOE Geometry Spring 2014 Student Performance Analysis

VDOE Algebra II Spring 2014 Student Performance Analysis


VDOE North America Geographic Regions

VDOE Virginia Geographic Regions with Counties

VDOE Virginia Geographic Regions of Virginia Outline

VDOE CTE Career Clusters

As a result of consensus among a committee of district educators, SOL Scores will be calculated in grades using a formula distributed by Dr. Jackson, Director of Assessment Literacy and Research.
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Positive Interventions

click the box above to access the article regarding two different approaches/beliefs to dealing with problem behaviors

Survey - AHS Principal Search

Armstrong High School has begun the process of selecting a new principal. We are inviting all Armstrong parents, students, staff, alumni and community members to provide feedback regarding the skills and attributes they value most.

'10' Days Left to make a difference in the lives of our students"

Monday June 6, 2016

Morning - Tutoring Schedule for the Week:

Tuesday - 11 English - Mrs. Conley

Thursday - Science - Earth Science - Mark Zelonski and Ms.Lenkiewicz, Biology- Ms. Kern, Chemistry - Mr. Jaini

After school tutoring Schedule for the Week:

Tuesday - Science

Wednesday - English/History

Thursday - Math

4th Period Expedited Retakes -

English -- Math--- Science -- History--- Study BootCamp - select locations

Senior Exams --- 2nd & 6th --- grades submitted daily on ASPEN ---

Faculty Meeting - 3:00 p.m. - Room 211

Tuesday June 7, 2016

SOLs - see email from Mrs. Carter

5th Period Expedited Retakes -

English -- Math--- Science -- History--- Study BootCamp - select locations

Senior Exams 3rd & 7th --- note this is a change --- due to Senior picnic on Thursday

Leadership team meeting --- 3:00 pm - Room 102

Wednesday - June 8, 2016

SOLs - see email from Mrs. Carter

6th Period Expedited Retakes -

English -- Math--- Science -- History--- Study BootCamp - select locations

Senior Exam --- 4th & 8th ---

Thursday - June 9, 2016

SOLs - see email from Mrs. Carter

7th Period Expedited Retakes -

English -- Math--- Science -- History--- Study BootCamp - select locations

Senior Exam ----1st & 5th -- note this is a change due to Senior Picnic

Class of 2016 Senior Picnic 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Friday –June 10, 2016

SOLs - see email from Mrs. Carter

8th Period Expedited Retakes -

English -- Math--- Science -- History---Study BootCamp - select locations

Class of 2016 Graduation Rehearsal - 1:30 p.m.

Concerns and Updates

Extended Core Student SOL Tracker

First let me thank the Extended Core teachers for completing the Extended Core SOL Spreadsheet. The task was two-fold -- one it allowed the extended core teachers to better understand the specific SOL tests that their students are embarking on in the next couple of weeks. Second, it allowed the creation of a spreadsheet that will assist in tracking individual or group of students by extended core classes. The leadership team will be able to form small group interventions based on students who are located in specific extended core classes by SOL test. Extended Core teachers will be able to have conversations with their students to champion them on to success.

There are a couple of teachers who will still need to complete the task -- but it is now 95% accurate. Below is the link for all to access ---- Click below

Extended Core Student Tracker Link


All employees must complete the mandatory Sexual Harassment training through our on-line professional development tool, Skillsoft. Extended for those who still need to complete. To access the training, you will need to login to Skillport.

To login to our Skillport site, please visit www. As a first-time user, you will login using your network (RPS) id and the password ileadrps. You will be prompted to change the password upon logging in. On the iLead Home Page, you can Launch the How to Videos to help you navigate.

To access the Sexual Harassment Training:

· Click on View iLead Plan.

· Once you are in the iLead Plan, you will see your assigned Learning tab.

· Under this tab you will see Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees.

· To begin the Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees, select Launch.

· You will know you have completed your work when the Status Icon is completely filled green.

Protocol For Leaving the Building During School Hours - 7:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

As we move towards our SOL testing season and the weather is getting warmer, it is important that all hands are on deck to support our students during the instructional day. At any given moment, an unexpected request and change to our normal day can occur.

  • arrival time as indicated during our opening session - 7:45 a.m.
  • all staff members must sign in upon entry into the building (accountability for all staff members present in the building)
  • no longer are you able to leave the building during instructional-contractual hours
  • if an emergency occurs - please contact your cluster administrator
  • when an emergency occurs you will have to sign-out and put your time on the system in increments of 30 minutes
  • all staff members must sign out at the end of each day

Hall Duty

  • Review the hall duty document and ensure that you are covering the required area as indicated

    Field Trip Protocol

      • all field trip requests must be submitted 10 business days prior to field trip
      • all monies collected must be receipted and turned in to Mrs. Harden two days prior to field trip
      • Mrs. Harden will write a check to the entity involved
      • List of names must be provided to Administration at least two days prior to field trip for final approval
      • Names must be submitted to all staff members to include Ms. Lillie Murray and Ms. Sandra Dayo prior to departure
      • The last day for field trips will be on Friday, April 8th


      • Teachers to post grades for homebound & homebase students that no longer show in your grade book please refer to the email sent by Mr. Malcom. Under status you see two bullets, enrolled & withdrawn; when you click on the withdrawn bullet it will show all the student that you no longer see in your grade book. This is where you will place a grade only for homebound & homebase students if Mr. King has provided said grade. Remember after you input a numerical grade for each student click the post grades button. Please feel free to call (ext 508) or stop by my office if you have questions
      • In spring 2016, the Standards of Learning (SOL) history tests will contain multiple choice and technology-enhanced field test items that assess the current 2008 History & Social Science Standards of Learning. In spring 2017, the SOL history tests will contain multiple choice and technology-enhanced field test items that assess the revised 2015 History & Social Science Standards of Learning. In order to support student preparation for technology-enhanced items (TEI) that may appear on history assessments, sets of practice items have been developed and will be delivered via electronic Practice Assessment Tools (ePAT).
      • Seniors must take the SAT before January because of the new SAT scheduled for March. Any seniors taking the SAT in March will NOT have scores back until May
      • Graduation - Tuesday, June 14, 2016 -- 7:00 p.m. Armstrong Altria Theater
      Important Dates
      • Senior Exams June 6th - 2nd & 6th --- June 7th 1st & 5th --- June 8th--- 4th & 8th --- and June 9th 3rd & 7th
      • Seniors must turn in all books by June 7th to include any library books
      • Athletic Banquet - June 13th at St. Pauls Baptist Church - Creighton Rd. - See AD Brown for additional details
      • Underclassman Exams--- June 14th --- 2nd & 6th ---June 15th -- 1st & 5th---
      June 16th --- 4th & 8th--- and June 17th --- 3rd & 7th

      • Underclassman grades are posted daily after final exam -- all grades for underclassman are posted by June 17th by 4:30 p.m.
      • Summer School: June 27 – July 28 Jobs are now posted
      • RPS Reading Riders Bookmobile: June 21 – August 2 - Please contact with any questions or feedback.
      • Districtwide PD Dates: August 25, 26, 29, 30
      • PD Sites: Elkhardt-Thompson, HHS, JMHS, AHS
      • School-based PD: August 24, 31, September 1, 2
      • Summer PD Institutes: August 1 – 4
      • Title I; CTE; Elem. Math – Carnegie Learning; Teaching, Learning & Poverty, Computer Science (Chris Dovi); Tchr. Leadership (VCU); Maker Spaces, etc.
      • Leadership Institute: August 8 – 11 (Franklin Military)
      • New Teacher Institute: August 15 – 18 (Community High School)

      • Are your lesson plans updated and outside of your door?
      • Please be mindful of the students that rotate out of your class with or without a pass. All students must be given a pass to exit your classroom. Hall walkers should not be given an exit ticket out of your room.
      • It is imperative that the Faculty and Staff adhere to all due dates and meeting times.
      • Make sure student attendance is taken in every class.
      • Please make sure you are honoring the 30/30 time frame.
      • All teachers are expected to stand at their door during the change of class.
      • Please encourage students to move along quickly. We all must communicate the same message to these young people.
      • Thank you for all of your hard work!
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      Homebound Student List

      Click to see the most updated list of Homebound students

      List of Paneled Students and Disposition

      Click the box above to see an updated list of homebound students

      Superintendent's Memo #294-14

      Information regarding SOL History Tests

      Daily Announcement Form

      Want to submit a Daily Announcement? Click this button! Requests must be submitted a day in advance.

      Google Docs Blank Lesson Plan Template

      If you are completing your lesson plans in Google Docs, this is the Google Doc to make a copy of and edit. Don't forget to rename the file to reflect your name and subject!

      Microsoft Word Doc Blank Lesson Plan Template

      If you are completing your lesson plans in Microsoft Word, this the the Word Doc to download and edit. Don't forget to rename the file to reflect your name and subject!

      Lesson Plan Guided Notes

      A quick reference for the lesson plan format.

      5-5-5 Parent Call Logs

      Due every Friday to document parent contact. 5 minute calls for 5 students every 5 days.

      Common Planning Meeting Agenda Notes Template

      Due every Friday to Department Chairs to document weekly common planning meetings.


      Click to access the professional library of resources!

      Archived Weekly Update Links

      Weekly Update Links that have been archived for reference

      Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please email me at your earliest convenience.

      As always, thank you for all of your hard work and for continuing to Inspire Excellence for all of our students!

      A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others