Biography of Ahmed

By: Gayathri P.

Intro of Ahmed

First of all I would like to start of with his name, and so his name is Ahmed Uqaili as you already know. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, America on March 29, 2002. He lives with his mom, dad and his brother, so he has a family of four including himself. His dad’s name is Anwar, his mom’s name is Shazia and his brother’s name is Asad. He lives in Mississauga and he moved back to Canada last year. He used to live in Canada but then he want back to Chicago and then came back here again. He and his family came to Canada because his grandpa got terminally ill so they had to come to Canada from the U.S.A. Though unfortunately his grandpa died.

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Ahmed and his family lives in the Chelsea Towers, Mississauga, Ontario. He has also lived in the U.S.A, Chicago and Des Plaines. He has traveled to many places and so he has travelled to Leeds, Frankfurt, Germany, Hyderabad and many more places. He wants to travel to all the cities in the U.S, Montreal, UK, Sidney and many more countries. He loves to travel and he basically wants to travel to almost all the places in the world. Ahmed wants to live in Chicago and Pakistan the most. He wants to live in Chicago because he was born there and he wants to learn more about Chicago. He wants to live in Pakistan because his family members live there and he wants to spent more time with them.

Interests and future

In school he likes a lot of math and geography and his talents are batting as a lefty in Cricket when he is a righty in everything else, and another talent of his is doing mental math really quickly. When he grows up he wants to become either a mechanical engineer, a teacher, an F1 driver, or a show host. He wants to become a car mechanical engineer because he knows a little bit of mechanics already and he likes cars. He wants to become a teacher because he believes that he can teach. He wants to become a F1 driver because he is very interested in cars and car racing.

Hobbies, likes and dislikes

His hobbies and favorite things to do are building lego, drawing cars, playing video games, sleeping and swimming. When he hangs out with his friends he usually talk, play soccer, play Clash Of Clans or mess around with people! The things that he doesn’t like doing is doing chores of any sort, having to write about something, staying in a teacher's classroom, and the one he hates doing the most is having to do squats!


If Ahmed was to go back to the past, he said he is going change all the embarrassing moments and mistakes that he have done. If he was to change something about himself he said, "he would change his voice into a respectful and sensible voice"! He is a fast learner and he can memorize things really quickly. Ahmed is a person who loves cars and who wants a job that involves cars. That was Ahmed for you and I hope you’ve enjoyed!

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