Canadian Teen Culture

canadian culture


"Canada has never been a melting-pot; more like a tossed salad." – Arnold Edinborough. Canada accepts all races from all counries, Canada has a little bit of everthing. That is a big part of our culture and very important for teens to feel accepted for who they are which is easier in Canada.

core values

canada is known to other countries as the 'polite' nation and it is known world-wide that we are kind and respectful. in a way this is true, all these things are core values for me, this also includes our families, and our freinds which for most, are the most important things in life, pets, education, and hobbies are also on my core values list.

family and freinds

my family and freinds effect my culture greatly, my family brings in culture from different countries with their heritage and they teach us rules and laws in canada and they teach me to respect this country.

my freinds introduce culture from their families and shows me their likes and dislikes and i learn about their core values, artifacts, and traditions they do.

I chose to include things that describe Canada and its culture as well as what me and my family and freinds bring to Canada's culture. I decided to do this instead of just myself so that you, dear reader could see the connections that i have and the effect of the culture in Canada has on me.