Have You Seen This Cryptid?

By: Aleisha Torres


Age: 55 years old

place of birth: Northern California

Height: 6-8'' feet

Weight: 600-800 lbs

Hair: Black, Brown, Grey, reddish

Eyes: Daylight vision is okay, Night vision is outstanding

Race: mammal/none


Bigfoot was first found in Northern California in August 1958. BIgfoot was about 55 years old when he was first found. Bigfoot's surnames are Yeti, Bigfoot, and Sasquatch. He is 6-8'' feet tall and weigh up to about 600-800 pounds. BIgfoot has black, brown, grey, and reddish hair. Bigfoot mostly come out at night because his daylight vision is not so good but is okay, and his night vision is outstanding. BIgfoot does not have a race but he would be a mammal. It fun learning about bigfoot and all of the fun fact, but I only gave you a little information about him. There is a lot more facts and a lot more cryptids to learn about.