Welcome! I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning with your children, as I have missed them greatly this summer. GT specialists have been busy designing some special learning experiences for GT LEAD students. Your child will be served in two different ways this year, Remote Enrichment and through GT LEAD classes.

  • During the first three weeks of school, GT specialists will be testing new students to GCISD, as well as working on District GT initiatives while homeroom teachers are establishing classroom digital norms and getting to know their students. To help them, we will share "Remote Enrichment" activities, and they in turn, will post these through Seesaw as needed. These are intended to be independent opportunities for students who need extra challenges to stretch their thinking. Students may work on these activities during independent learning time.

  • GT LEAD classes will begin the week of September 8th. As this is a shortened week due to Labor Day, we will have a mini-GT Lead schedule, schedule forthcoming.

  • GT LEAD Schedule: In the next newsletter, you will be notified of the WebEx days and times during Tiger Time for each grade level.

  • GT Seesaw Classroom: After the first week, you will also receive an email with instructions for both you and your child on how to join the GT LEAD Seesaw classroom.

Right now the focus is on your child being successful and acclimating to his/her homeroom. Thank you for your patience and support. Take time to hug your children and let them know that their OCT family loves them!

SAGE (Supporting and Advocating for Gifted Education)

When parenting a gifted/talented child, it is important to factor in the social/emotional well-being, as well as to look ahead and plan down the road several years. I am here to advocate for your children, as well as to be a resource for you to other opportunities within our district. One way you can stay connected and advocate for your child is through SAGE (Supporting and Advocating for Gifted Education), our parent advocacy group for gifted learners. They often bring in guest speakers, invite representatives for camps/programs to share, and provide scholarships for teachers to attend gifted conferences. Please consider joining this dynamic group by clicking on the link below.

Big picture
Fred Rogers: Look for the Helpers


It was bittersweet to see you all at the Drive-Thru Pick- Up on Friday, August 14th. I loved seeing parents and kids alike, and that made me miss" in person instruction," which I took for granted. I could also see the emotions in students' eyes as they reconnected with the teachers.

Our goal is to continue that connection of love and learning with our students and families through this challenging time.

The "good parts" of the pandemic...that your kids will remember... are:

family time, game time, cooking together and eating in, and troubleshooting this situation as a family.

The picture above is a quote from Mr. Rogers, who had a children's program on PBS when I was young. Today, there is a spin-off show of his called "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood," which is also on PBS. In this video, Mr. Rogers talks about his mother reminding him to look for the helpers during a time of crisis or when he saw scary things on the news... because when you see helpers, you see HOPE!

I plan on being one of those HELPERS!