6th Grade Technology

By: Jacob King


Everyone will make a iTrailer in iMovie about yourself.
People can share there iTrailers with the class.
It was very fun to take images and videos for the iTrailer.

Haiku Deck

will make a presentation on your dream job.
Everyone will have to present their presentation.
I thought it was fun because I got to research a lot about my dream job.

Explain Everything

Using the explain everything app you have to solve a math problem and show it by writing it down and recording yourself talking while your doing it.
There will be problems to choose from to do.
I thought it was fun because I got to learn a lot about the Explain Everything app.


The website you use is called code.org to learn the basics of coding.
Its fun to mess around with the coding and make games or other stuff.
I learned a lot about coding.

Career Locker

Mrs. Vandenboogard will come in and help teach this unit.
I figured out a lot about myself and what kind of jobs I like.
The website you use is called career locker.

Learn To Type

You use a website called typing.com to learn how to type.
This really improved my typing speed.
The class does it for 5 minutes at the start of every class.