Family Flyer

October 2021

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The Family Flyer is created by Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) Early Literacy and Math coaches and coordinators. Our hope is that parents and caretakers, countywide, take advantage of the resources to support their kindergarten through third grade children with academics, nutrition, and well-being. New events and resources will be published monthly. Please contact Education and Learning at the GISD if you have any questions. The contact information is located at the bottom of this flyer. It is our hope that you find this resource useful and fun. Enjoy!

Living in the Community

A Social Studies connection...

Genesee County is a large community filled with many smaller towns as well as larger cities. Take a look at these events that are happening in our community this month.

Jazz on Wheels @ Old Flint Farmers Market

🎷Come enjoy free jazz concerts for people of all ages on October 1st and 8th. The Jazz Wheels Mobile will travel to the Old Flint Farmers Market, located on Longway Blvd. to entertain all those in attendance with the sounds of jazz. Many local, regional, and national musicians will be featured for your Jazzin’ pleasure. The fun starts at 7:30 p.m! Click on the image to learn more.

Fenton Street Experience

Are you busy on Thursday and Friday evenings? Come stroll the streets of downtown Fenton while enjoying art, music, and family activities. Click the image to learn more about the great events planned now through October 15th.

Spooktacular Events!

Spending time making memories with your family is a great way for children to create a bank of moments they can use to write personal narratives, something we often call "small moments."

Take some time to check out the family friendly events below and challenge your children to write about their experiences. We have attached some friendly planning sheets you can use to help guide their writing or maybe you want to consider getting your child a journal to write down important family memories.

Regardless of how you practice connecting writing to shared experiences, HAVE FUN doing it!

Click on the images below for details.

Get Your Child Writing!

Click the heading to enjoy a quick read aloud about how your child can take a memory and make it into a story!

Make a Writing Plan for Younger Children

A great organizer for children who are still learning to write. This will help your child plan out their thoughts using drawings to explain their thinking. One of the first steps to becoming a writer is using drawing to communicate your plans.

Make a Writing Plan For Older Children

A more detailed organizer for children who are already writers. This will help your child plan out his or her writing before they develop their ideas into a story.

Community Health and Wellness

Giving back to our community

Socktober is Here!

Did you know that one of the most requested items at homeless shelters is a pair of clean, dry socks? Clean socks are not only needed for comfort and warmth but are also to maintain hygiene and health. We can help! Consider donating to a shelter or soup kitchen in your area, or even heading up a collection in your neighborhood or community. Not sure where to drop your donation? Feel free to contact Jeannine Strickert Click on the image to access resources to support your work.

Fall for Books

Practice at Home

Make Your Own Leaf Man

Encourage your child to collect leaves that may have fallen on the ground. Arrange your leaves to make your own Leaf Man. Write a story about where your Leaf Man will go. Be sure to use details, and say the words slowly as you write! Share your stories with your teachers, friends, and classmates!

Name Writing

Learning to write your name is one of the earliest steps in literacy. It allows young learners to acquire letter knowledge and assists in writing development.

Have your child write his name. Show your child how to match the letters in his name with the sounds in his name. Point to each letter and have him name the letter and the sound it represents.

Leaf Science Experiment

How do plants make oxygen? Try this at- home science experience to learn more!

Table Talk

Getting back into routines can be hard. Be sure to take time to ask about your child's day. Use the prompts below to inspire deep conversations. If you are looking for something quick to do with your child (ren) each night, click on the calendar below for some ideas that are fun and enriching.

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Family Flyer Compiled By:

Stephanie Jacobson - GISD Early Literacy Coach

Dr. Joanne LeBlanc - GISD Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Coordinator for Instruction

Tameka Pritchett - Early Literacy Coach from West Wood Heights

Shannon Sly - GISD ELA Partnership Coach

Jeannine Strickert - Early Literacy Coach from Clio

Danielle Wolsker - GISD Math Partnership Coach