Matthew Screnock


"A Rebel WITH a Cause?"

Even though the title is "A Rebel Without a Cause" I believe there is a cause to Judy's rebellion. The dysfunction in Judy's house is what causes her to rebel. All Judy wanted was to feel loved by her dad, but because he wouldn't do that she was forced to go outside her family to find love.

Change through Tragedy

In the movie, Judy has a lot of tragedy hit her, for in one day she had two of her friends die. But even with this Judy's character changed a lot in this film. I believe that in the end of the movie she grows up a little, and also feels more love from her friends than she did before.

Miss-matched mistakes

Plato's miss-matched socks shows Plato's dysfunction in his life. It shows that Plato, like his socks, don't match with anybody, and he feels like he can't fit in. Also in the movie Jim and Judy were talking about how when they put on miss-matched socks when they get nervous, and this also shows the Plato is nervous about making friends in school.

Belonging and Family

I think one of the major themes in this movie is belonging, and your family. I think this is a major thing because throughout the movie you see the three of our rebels trying to work with there family, and trying to belong in a group of friends.

“Whom do you feel for the most and why?”

I feel for Plato the most because although they all have family dysfunction, Plato has the most trouble with it. Also Plato has the most trouble out of the three of them with making friends. Throughout the movie it seems that Plato is trying to make friends, while Judy and Jim seem to make friends.