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December 5, 2014

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

This week's article of the week and video were sent to me by Mrs. Vinch after a discussion that we had at the community conversation. It worked out perfectly; I had already chosen the quote of the week, and the article fits with it beautifully!

One of the skills that was identified as being important to instill in our students over the next five years was perseverance, or 'grit.'

Just as we talk a lot about having a 'growth mindset,' and putting the value of our praise and feedback in effort and process rather than score and final product, providing opportunities to show and celebrate tenacity, follow through and flexibility is critical to creating successful students.

The article and video below contain some great ideas and facts that we can all use right away, regardless of grade-level or assignment. Teaching persistence is not limited to any one subject; it can, and must, be done throughout the entire day. One huge component to teaching 'grit,' is to model it every single day. This means taking on the adversity that we, as adults, meet on a daily basis and staying positive and productive. Pay close attention in the coming week to how you deal with setbacks and frustrations, whether they occur at Ben Franklin, at home or anywhere else. What would you want your students to learn by watching how you deal with the obstacles and struggles that you come across? What things can you do in class to foster grit and optimism in your students?

Thank you for sharing, Kim!

Keep up the good work everyone and enjoy your week,




Week of 12/8: Group 2 AM Car Line (Cherny, Colavita, Cimorelli)

Monday 12/8 - STEM Meeting - LES

Wednesday 12/10 - BOE Mtg. 7 pm

Thursday 12/11 - Morning Grade Level Mtg (2nd Grade)

Friday 12/12 - Morning Grade Level Mtg (3rd Grade)

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Monday 12/15 - Faculty Mtg

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Thursday 12/18 - Morning Grade Level Mtg (Kindergarten)

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