Marketing Principles Newsletter

Spring 2016 ~ 12 Weeks

Week of April 18

Grades are updated!

All of your grades have been updated. Please check your grades and read your feedback.
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Sample Brilliant Advertising Mess Ups

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Extra Credit Available

This assignment requires you to find, post, and describe 3 advertisements. You can earn extra credit by finding, posting, and describing 5 advertisements.

Career Investigation Project

A great way to complete this project is by using a Smore. Visit and you can create a free Smore. All you have to do is submit the link after you publish your project.

Extra Credit & ELO

1. You can create an advertising notebook ( to fully replace any assignment or project (not quiz) in the Promotions unit. The advertising notebook must be upload to the assignment dropbox that you wish to replace and must be completed by April 30.

2. Interview a salesperson and learn what made them choose sales and how did they get started, what are the most important things to remember when talking to customers, how is the product or service sold, and something that interests you. Write up your answers as a short report and submit to Mrs. Rush by April 30.

3. You can earn 10% extra credit to any assignment in the Selling unit by reading the following article and sending Mrs. Rush a 75-100 word summary of the article. The link to the article:!&id=396851

4. You can earn 10% extra credit to any assignment in the International Marketing until by listening to the April 19 presentation on Entering International Markets and sending Mrs. Rush as 75-100 word summary of the presentation.

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Week of March 28

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Your grades have been updated. You will want to check them out as well as read the feedback that I have left for you. If you are missing any assignments, you have until March 29 to submit them for late credit. After March 29, no assignments will be accepted for credit.
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Distribution Project

Here is a helpful graphic to get you started on the distribution project.
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Week of March 14

Grades are Updated

Your grades are updated. Be sure to check them out and read the feedback in the dropboxes. Remember, you only have until March 15 to submit late assignments from the March 10 due date.

March 24 Assignments

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Promotional Items Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun activity. The items that you take pictures of should be found around your home or school and not pictures that you take from the Internet. I can't wait to see what you find.

ELO & Extra Credit

An ELO is an opportunity to replace a grade (even a zero). The following ELO is available for your lowest grade in the Selling Unit.
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You can earn 10% extra credit to any assignment in the Selling unit by reading the following article and sending Mrs. Rush a 75-100 word summary of the article. The link to the article:!&id=396851

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Week of February 29

Grades are Updated!

Dear Students, grades have been updated and zeros are posted. You have until March 1 to submit any late assignments.
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Upcoming Assignments

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Changes to New Product Discussion

Option 1:

I New Idea blogs about new products in the marketplace. The website gives information and images of new products. The site allows viewers to leave comments and feedback.

Read about a few of the products on the website, link located under More Resources. If you encounter problems with the I New Idea website, you can use your research skills to find two relatively new items or item ideas to complete this discussion.

Choose two products. Write your answers to the following:

  • Describe each product in 1-2 sentences and decide if the website was correct—that the product was a possible hit or destined to be a failure.
  • Be sure to explain why you feel the way you do for each product.
  • Research a new product on the market that is NOT from the I New Idea website. Try using or, links under More Resources.
  • Describe the new product and decide if you think it will be a success or a failure. Justify your answer.

Read your classmates' responses and comment on at least two.

Option 2

Have you heard about the recent update Mattel has made to Barbie? This recent release of new barbies with body changes comes in response to a 20% decline in Barbie sales. Barbie has traditionally been a sales leader for Mattel with over 96% of all girls owning at least one Barbie.

"The best-selling doll ever now has three new bodies: tall, petite and curvy versions will now be sold alongside the original model. Faced with changes in beauty ideals, shifting demographics and ongoing criticism of Barbie’s impossible proportions, Mattel decided to remake the iconic blonde. The new body shapes follow the addition of new skin tones and hair textures in 2015. Combined, the changes give Barbie a range of diverse looks that better reflect 21st century America."

Time Magazine

What do you think about the changes to Barbie? More importantly, why do companies need to update their products?

Read your classmates' responses and comment on at least two.

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Personal Brand Assignment

Your personal brand should include a logo, slogan, and a thorough explanation. You can create your logo by hand and take a picture, use a graphics program, or a logo creator that you find on the Web. How do you brand you? have fun! Here is just one example:
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Another Example...

Here is another student example. I apologize the picture is small but I wanted to illustrate that you can hand drawn your logo.
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New Menu Items Project

This assignment asks you to add a new item to an existing restaurant menu. Pick your favorite restaurant and something that would be creative and fun to add to their menu. The directions ask you to include the recipe, pricing, promotions, etc. (see assignment in module for full details). Here is an example from part of a project just to get your creative juices flowing...
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Selling Policies Project

For the Selling Policies project, you only need to compare "two" similar companies like Pepsi and Coke. You do not need to compare all of the companies listed in the instructions. However, if you would like to compare an additional two companies, you can earn extra credit up to 110%.

A good way to present your project is through a table like the one below. This does an excellent side by side comparison that is easy to see.

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File Types

If you are using a MAC and submitting your files in a native MAC file format, I cannot open them. I will give you a zero and a note in the feedback to please resubmit in a different file format. Be sure you are checking your grades and your feedback. I encourage you to use Office 365 for your assignments.

Discussion Board Tips for Success!

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