Trustworthy Research Sources

How to research:

  1. Choose a Topic
  2. Ask Meaningful Questions
  3. Plan Your Search
  4. Organize & Take Notes
  5. Cite Your Sources
Library Catalog (Destiny Discover)

Find a NON-FICTION book on your topic. The call # starts with a number (000-999) or B for biography.


  • Britannica Elementary - encyclopedia articles
  • Kids InfoBits - magazine and news articles
  • Animal Kingdom - animals and their habitats
  • Biography in Context - real people
  • CultureGrams - states and countries
  • BrainPOP Jr - informational videos and more


PebbleGo (Grades K-3)
Animals / Dinosaurs / Science / Biographies / Social Studies

PebbleGo NEXT

PebbleGo Next (Grades 3-4)
States / Social Studies / Science / American Indians / Biographies


Visit Wonderopolis to explore "wonders" that other kids are curious about.

America's Story

Time for Kids

Time for Kids has current events news articles on a variety of topics.


Visit StudySC to find information about South Carolina's culture, history, geography, government, and people.