Curtis' Future

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."-John Gardner

Who I Am

My interest are programming and gaming. My skill is basic programming. I value little but use alot. I have an average self-esteem. I learn best by having lessons be memorable. I apparently am a mathematical-logical learner.

My Career As A Computer Programmer

Computer programmers us coding to make computers perform specific task such as creating new folders or executing programs.

Annual salary for a computer programmer is 72,630. The job outlook is about 12%.

Computer programmers are in the IT cluster.

The work schedule depends on who you work for.

Programmers normally work in an office area.

An interesting thing about my career is how many different programming languages there are including C++, Python, Java, Batch (bat, .bat), A# .net, A++, BASIC, Ada, Alma-0, Amiga E, BETA, COWSEL, Cold C, COMIT, DASL, Draco, Ease, EXEC 2, GAMS, UNTIY, TOM, TXL, VHDL, WebDNA, Yorick, YQL, Zeno, and ZOPL just to name a few. (There are MANY more programming languages than that. At least one per letter in the alphabet.)

How Do I Get There

I, as of right now, hope to attend Stanford University. Stanford is located in California. I want to go to stanford because they have a good computer programming course. They also have great science courses. I feel that they are the best collage overall.

I need a bachelors degree to be a computer programmer. I hope to get a masters degree and be fluent in many programming languages.

The tuition for Stanford is about $42,690 a year.

Since all of Stanford's scolarships are rewarded based on financial need I hope to be able to contribute as much to my time at stanford as I can.