For Sale- Itchy Go Bye-Bye Bear


What It Does

The Itchy Go Bye-Bye Bear is the number 1 life saver of chicken pox, measles, and the mumps. This bear creates an illusion for its user. When your child has any of these symptoms, just have them scratch the splotches on the bear's body. This will create the illusion of them actually scratching themselves without irritating the rash. Also when your child snuggles with it, having the same reaction, it feels like they're getting a hug. Simple science is all it is.
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This bear is exactly 1 foot tall. It has a floppy blue hat, a yellow scarf, and white blobs all over it. This bear has a round adorable tail. The bear above is a prototype. It will be fuzzy! So you can also cuddle with it. Look at the photo to the right and see what the bear's backside looks like.

This Itchy Go Bye-Bye Bear is guaranteed to make your child feel better.