Les nouvelles- 13ème semaine

Unité 8- La Cuisine-Français 1- Mme Hansbrough

Les Devoir - due vendredi

Semaine 13

Assignments are due by vendredi le 15 avril! Le jour d'impôts pour les Américains!

1. La Cuisine, Project 1C

2. La Cuisine, Project 1E

3. La Cuisine, Writing 1H

4. La Cuisine, Section 1 Quiz

5. La Cuisine, Project 2A

6. La Cuisine, Writing 2B

7. La Cuisine, Speaking 2D

8. La Cuisine, Section 2 Quiz

9. La Cuisine, Project 3B

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RLC sessions

Laura SummersUnit 9Thursday 4/14 @ 4:30 pm

Karen MillerUnit 8Thursday 4/14 @ 8pm

Maria Yandell

Susan Cowan

Mary Hansbrough

Ashley Padgett

Nicole Swanson

Jean McDanielUnit 8Monday 4/11 @ 8 pm

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Le Projet

Le Projet
In this Unit, your project is going to be fun and interesting. You are to choose a country--you can choose any countries where French( I would prefer it NOT be France itself- explore the wonderful world of francophone (French-speaking) countries) is spoken. You will do a research project on that country's foods and beverages. In your research, you will need to find pictures of at least four typically eaten foods in that country, and at least two beverages. Find a recipe for at least one of the foods and prepare it. You will need to have a finished product of at least 200 words in English. The project will have four deadlines: I have a recording on the home page in the announcements to give you more info on this project.

  1. Deadline 1: Country idea --what country do you choose? (5 points)
  2. Deadline 2: Outline (5 points)
  3. Deadline 3: Rough draft (5 points)
  4. Deadline 4: Final project: (25 points)
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Les Deux Magots

Here is a link to look at the famous Parisian restaurant called Les Deux Magots: