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April 2023

Post break greetings to you as April has arrived. For baseball fans, Spring Break is the school equivalent of the seventh inning stretch, providing a moment to pause before the final third of this school year. Purposefully, spring brings change and a renewed spirit. The days are a bit longer and (mostly) warmer. It is also a reminder of how fast a year can move as it seemed only yesterday that we were celebrating the dawning of 2023.

The next three months will be busy as there is much to learn and accomplish ahead. Each grade level is wholeheartedly in the midst of critical content that is vital for our students to master. Our upper graders, (3rd, 4th, and 5th) will begin engaging in their state exams in less than a month. Families of those students will be receiving specific information related to the upcoming state testing window shortly. School events also continue with our PTA Fun Run this coming Friday (during school event) and our Multicultural Night fast approaching on Friday, April 21st. All are invited and welcomed to attend our Multicultural Night which begins at 6:00pm here on campus. More information related to our Multicultural Night is below.

Lastly, we want to thank your for your recent participation in our Spring Conferences and, if applicable, our recent family survey. Education at its best is a partnership and we value your time, feedback, and efforts as we endeavor together to grow our Eagles to their utmost potential.

Below are several important dates and updates for your consideration. Enjoy and thank you for your time, partnership, and support.

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  • 4/13 - Awards Assemblies (Grades K-2 @ 9:00 am & grades 3-5 @ 2:20 pm)

  • 4/14 - PTA Fun Run Day
  • 4/14 - LIF Day (1:35 pm dismissal)
  • 4/21 - LIF Day (1:35 pm dismissal)
  • 4/21 - Multicultural Night (6:00-8:00 pm)
  • 4/28 - LIF Day (1:35 pm dismissal)

Next Month & Other Dates to Note:

  • 5/4 - Awards Assemblies (Grades K-2 @ 9:00 am & grades 3-5 @ 2:20 pm)

  • 5/25 - 2023/24 Kindergarten Orientation @ 6:00 pm

  • 5/29 - Memorial Day (No School)

Calendars: 2022/23 Calendar - New! 2023/24 Calendar

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A Month of Important Celebrations!

April is a busy month in several ways including the many important people, cultures, and customs that we celebrate together. Our Eagles will collective learn about and honor Arab American Heritage month (link) through our learning about and recognition of the many contributions of Arab Americans and Arabic-speaking Americans across our community and nation. This year, we will focus on authors, poets, artists, and others who are helping to continually honor and define their Arab American heritage through their life's works.

Across April, we will also seek to honor Autism Acceptance Month (link), School Library Month (and our outstanding Librarian, Mrs. Qualey) (link), Poetry Month (link), National Volunteer month (link), and April as the Month of the Military Child (link).

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Multicultural Night 2023 is April 21st!

Our Monroe Multicultural Fair is just two weeks away and returns on Friday, April 21st! Please plan to join us on campus that evening for this fun community celebration of the many wonderful cultures that make us Monroe.

This is a stop-by-anytime style event and will include informative displays, made by our students, designed to highlight their culture/cultures and heritage. Additionally, there will be food, music, and dancing and other collective ways to celebrate together. All are welcome and we truly hope that you and your family can stop-in to help us celebrate.

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Fragrance-Free School Reminder

Monroe is a fragrance-free school meaning that we ask everyone to remain fragrance-free while on campus. Eliminating exposure to ingredients or chemicals in scented products will help all, especially our Eagles and team members with allergies and/or other health-related needs, and keep our school environment from adversely affecting another's health.

Ingredients or chemicals used to produce scents are present in a very large range of products, including (note that this list is not inclusive and other products may trigger a response):

  • shampoo and conditioners
  • hairsprays
  • deodorants
  • colognes and aftershaves
  • fragrances and perfumes
  • lotions and creams
  • soaps, detergents, fabric softeners
  • cosmetics

Please click here for more information on fragrance-free products. Thank you for your assistance.

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Your Fourth Grader Can Go Anywhere, Free!

Well, not anywhere for free but... Families of current fourth graders, did you know that your child has a free pass to any/all of our nation's National Parks? It's true and part of the Every Kid Outdoors initiative through the US Department of Interior. This includes a universal free pass to National Parks, forests, and waterways (checkout all of your potential designations here!) For more information on how to access your fourth grader's free pass, click here and enjoy!
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April Everett Public Schools Newsletter

Our Everett Public Schools newsletter for the month of April is linked/attached below. This specifically crafted monthly communication is designed to connect with all of our families and provide information pertaining to all of our schools/programs. This month's newsletter includes updates pertaining to:

  • Kindergarten Registration Reminder for the 23/24 School Year
  • EPS Annual Community Report
  • 23/24 School Year Calendar
  • Thank You EPS Volunteers!
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Lost & Found Update

Our Lost & Found has reached that dreaded point of instability that all lost & founds inevitably arrive... we are out of room (and hangers). Acknowledging this, we need your help.

Please scan the below image with your child to see if you can spot anything that may have gone missing. If you spot anything below, please know that we are happy to facilitate a joyful reunification with your child and their lost item of clothing. If the below image is too small/difficult to navigate, please know that our Lost & Found racks are rolled out to the front of our school each Friday. Please feel free to visit anytime (Friday or otherwise) to take a look.

The stability of Lost & Found is in your hands and we appreciate your time and efforts in helping our currently lost items return home again.

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Thank you for your time in reading this update. We look forward to seeing you on campus anytime including our upcoming Multicultural Night on 4/21. Warm spring wishes to you and thank you again for the honor of serving your family.

Win the Day, Eagles!

Tyler & Catarino

Principal & Assistant Principal

Monroe Elementary School

tream@everettsd.org - crodriguez@everettsd.org

Phone: 425-385-7300

Fax 425-385-7302

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