Take a Break

William Winick

Jet Jarleds take's a break

Jet got home from school left with a couple of projects and many assignments in every class. In addition, he had tests and quizzes he had to study for the following day. With so much work he had to complete, he thought to himself: "Hey, why don't I take a break to help motivate me to finish all of my work?" So he decided to watch television and play video games for couple of hours trying not to think about the work he had to finish in the future. Convincing himself the problem will go away. Jet was procrastinating. When he decided to get to work, he barley had any time left to complete anything knowing he had a 10:00 curfew. He worked for so hard in such a short period of time, he started having a panic attack and decided to finish his work early. When he woke up in the morning, he knew he was in for a day of trouble.

Why is this important?

Jet wanted to take a break, however, his version of taking a break was over the top knowing he had to finish a lot of work. Although there are many ways of taking breaks, the right way to take a small break will really be successful IF done right. Taking a break is recommended to people who finished there work, or someone who NEEDS to take one. And can always help a person struggling with stress.

How to: Take a Break

Following these steps will leave you stress free and help you with future stress!