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What's Going On at #FAPBG-Week of March 23, 2020

Device Distribution

Before school let out for the extended closure, a COVID-19 survey was sent out to families to help us prepare for this closure and our Virtual Learning Plan. About 75% of our families filled out this survey and only 16 of these families indicated they did not have a digital device at home for their students. I am so thankful to be able to provide a loaner device for these families. This week, additional families have come forward with the need for a device. We will distribute devices as long as we have them but please keep in mind the following:

  • Families with multiple students at home will need to share a device. We do not have enough devices to ensure our students have 1-to-1. Families who have NO device at home will take priority.
  • When a request is submitted, we will be checking the COVID-19 survey results to ensure that responses are consistent.
  • A desktop or laptop is not required for students to be able to complete their virtual learning. A chromebook, iPad, iPad mini, Android tablet, and even a smart phone will be sufficient. The only exception to this is iReady as it does not work on some smart phones. If you only have a smart phone and no additional devices at home, we will do our best to accommodate you after we take care of families with no devices.

Families who have been approved for a device will be sent a pickup time/date via email.

Service Hours are suspended for the remainder of the year and there will be no repercussions in the 2020-2021 school year for families who have not completed their 2019-2020 hours.

3rd Quarter Report Cards

Due to the current school closure, teachers have been granted additional time to collect and grade any outstanding work from students. If your child has any missing or late work for the 3rd quarter that needs to be submitted, please send it to their teacher via email ASAP. Grades will close out on the 30th and report cards will follow shortly after.
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March Staff Birthdays

March 4th-James Monds

March 4th- Jennifer Paletta

March 5th- Amber Grove

March 10th- Julie Bellan

March 10th- Sasha Cornello

March 10th- Bryan Johnson

March 16th- Seth Cantrell

March 16th- Aleesa Jabar

March 21st- Leah Hanza

March 22nd- Sarah Rankow

March 30th- Abby Baker

March 30th- James DeFelice

Growth, Gratitude, Goals, & Grit

This year, we are focusing school-wide on celebrating growth, expressing gratitude, achieving goals, and developing grit.

If you would like to recognize a student, teacher, or faculty member, please fill out the form below!



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