Ambassador Update for EduPaths

Update for September 2016

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Summer PD Updates

Dear Ambassadors and Advisory members,

Happy Start to the 2016-17 School Year!!

We look forward to meeting with you this Friday and truly appreciate your making the trip to see us face-to-face. As we made our way through the state this summer, and as we are in the process of updating and redesigning Course Development moving forward, we are anxious to share those updates with you.

We anticipate a long season of course development as we take the courses that were submitted to us this summer. Yet, we are still planning to roll additional course development training beginning in January 2017. Our objective is to maintain a steady flow of content coming in that will keep EduPaths relevant and updated with current research-based instruction and administration strategies.

Courses Coming Soon in EduPaths - These are the summer courses that have been submitted and approved
2017 "Preliminary" PD Plan - This is a flyer of our preliminary training plan. Still under construction and approval.

We will see you on Friday! Have a wonderful week!!

Updated Stats for Users on EduPaths and Twitter Followers

The number of EduPaths users continues to increase. EduPaths users - 3,671 (up from 3,254 on August 26) as of today - Tuesday, September 20; Twitter followers increase daily - currently at 389.

It's still too fresh in our mind to let go! We just needed to share one more time! Thank you to all who participated - directly & indirectly!!

Ambassador Training

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 9am-3:30pm

5081 Torrey Road

Flint, MI

Location of this training is Genesee Career Institute

AGENDA for Friday, September 23

This is a face-to-face event! We look forward to seeing you all here!

Building the Plane as We Fly

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Where Are We Going to Be?

  • Week of September 19
  • Danielle at MACUL meeting
  • Danielle at MASA Conference
  • Jake, Kim & Molly at office - content development
  • Ambassador Meeting on Friday
  • Week of September 26
  • Danielle & Kim at Early Literacy Task Force
  • Jake is Prepping for MDE Project
  • Molly is at Learning Forward - Collaborative-Based Learning Meeting
  • Jake, Kim & Molly at office - content development

To provide a short update of the things we are currently working on

  • Winter PD will be coming soon - see preliminary plan (same as above)
  • We have finalized our Work Flow Management planning - adopting and transitioning to Airtable
  • Course Review will be an ongoing process for the next few weeks
  • We are finalizing our next round of Content Creator Letters of Agreement
  • Still working on statewide conference sites to host booths - this is ongoing.
  • Our Introduction to EduPaths Course Creation will be getting a Make-Over after our summer PD - alot of good feedback and good ideas for updating for next rounds of training
  • We are eager to get our new content into Articulate! Considering our process for streamlining content import.

Resources for Ambassadors

Ambassador REMINDERS

  • Ambassador Training is coming up! We look forward to walking you through our new process for Content Creation, reviewing our data, and establishing our TARGETS for 2016-17!
  • Training Date - September 23

Things we are still working on (our ongoing short-list)...

  • Working through appropriate language for DPPD for our documentation for districts to use - we have developed a preliminary "final" HELP document. There are EduPaths site programming that will need to happen to make this operational.
  • NEW a way to display # of SCECHs for new users on the Course Description page
  • STILL adding curriculum standards to the site - Ken is working on a different way to import standards without manually adding them one by one!

Let us know if you have questions or would like more information on anything EduPaths related. Happy to help! Thank you for your support!!

Jake Gentry, Kim Garcia, and Molly Bruzewski

Twitter Chat - Tuesday, September 27 @ 8:30 pm

EduPaths eNewsletter - Please send to your contacts!

2016-17 Professional Development - Preliminary Plan - Please Review...Thank you!

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