About Me

My Science History

I do enjoy science. Both my parents are engineers and my mom has recently been certified to teach math anywhere from elementary school to calculus, so you could say it runs in my blood. I took biology last year and really enjoyed it. I thought the course was very interesting, and it was my favorite class of freshman year. I've always liked biological sciences better than physics. We took physical science in 8th grade at Concordia. I liked the chemistry part so I'm pleased to be in this class, but the physics part, I didn't enjoy as much. I had a great science teacher at Concordia from 6-8th grade. She really made science fun and understandable! I also am a member of the envirothon team here at Newton-Conover and previously at Concordia. I've been to states both years I competed. It's been awesome. So i guess you could say I also like environmental science.


I have been a competitive swimmer for going on 6 years. I swim for the YMCA and also for the school (not this year). Last year I swam finals at states in both my events. I was ranked 12th for 500 freestyle and 14th for 200 freestyle out of all the 1A/2A swimmers in the state! I don't have a favorite stroke, but I don't care for butterfly. 200 meter fly is the worst! Swimming is something I love to do. I hope to continue this sport for a long time and continue to improve and excel.


I live with my family of five. When it comes to siblings, have the best of both worlds- one brother and one sister. My brother is in 7th grade and goes to school at Concordia. He is also a competitive swimmer. My sister is a senior this year. She is technically enrolled in Newton-Conover but participates in the LR Young Scholars Program. My family has lived all over the United States but primarily has roots in the Midwest (both my parents grew up here). My sister and I were both born up North (Ohio and Minnesota) before moving down to the South where my brother was born. I still haven't developed the Southern accent. My friends tell me I'm not a true Southerner, which is probably true. After all, my family follows customs from the midwest/north more (i.e. you won't find any sweet tea at my house).


I've traveled all over the United States. Outside of the U.S., I've been to Jamaica, Mexico, and Haiti. Jamaica was nice but not all it's cracked up to be. Mexico and Haiti were both beautiful. My favorite part of Mexico was getting to Scuba Dive. It was awesome!