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Ben K

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why I chose this quote

I chose this quote because it describes why I read. when I am super stressed and tired a book always calms me down and makes me happy .A book is my stress reliever and helps me get away for a second.

About me

My name is Ben I love soccer, basketball and reading, my favorite subject in school is science. I am a curious reader. Here are ten things about me as a reader. 1. I always have something to eat when I read. 2. I only read in my room alone. 3 I read slow so I don't miss anything . 4. Its very hard for me to stop reading. 5 I like reading at night. 6I lose my focus very easily when i'm reading. 7. After I read it takes me a while to get back to reality. 8. I mostly read horror books. 9 I hate reading in school. 10 I cant read in a car. I read because it calms me down when i'm stressed.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

why I chose happy

I chose the song happy to describe how i feel when I read because every-time I read im always happy and calm when I read. It makes me forgot about everything when I read.

what i am reading right now

the book I am reading right now is spy school it is a book about a kid who is very good at cracking codes. The last thing I read was that Jeffrey (the main character) passed the first test of spy school by knocking out three enemies. I love this book so far i enjoy what I just read and I would definitely recommend this book to someone who likes action.

Interest and favorites

Some of my favorite books are Wonder and the bully book. Why I like wonder so much is because it is a heartwarming story of a kid who has a deformed face and how he makes it through school. Why I like the Bullly Book because it is relatable for kids who get bullied.

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