Call For Papers

Cornell Real Estate Review

Call For Papers

The Cornell Real Estate Review (CRER) invites professionals and students to submit real estate-focused articles to be published in Volume 11 (2013) of the CRER. Selected student submissions are eligible for Graduation Teaching Research Specialist compensation and the “Most Outstanding Student Article Award”. We ask that article topics be submitted by November 15, 2012 and that final drafts be submitted by February 15, 2013.

What is Expected of a Cornell Real Estate Review Article?

Authors should describe and analyze developments in their areas of expertise or interest in real estate and represent original work, ideas or research. Suggested length is approximately 5,000 words, but can vary for project/case submissions or reviews of popular works/applications. Articles may be written individually or in collaboration with a professor or practitioner. Professionals are highly encouraged to participate in the Student Collaboration Initiative and work with a student (or students) to produce an article. This relationship can assist the professional with the time commitments of researching and writing a publishable article and create a rewarding professional and personal relationship with an upcoming real estate professional.

What is the Cornell Real Estate Review?

The CRER is a student-edited publication founded in 2002 as a forum for students, faculty and practitioners in the real estate profession, to focus attention on research and key issues confronting the industry. The Review focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of real estate by blending informative practical papers with application-based academic research across the breadth of real estate disciplines, including design, acquisitions, economics, engineering, finance, law, planning, development, marketing and operations/management.

Please contact CRER Co-Editor Jason Patch ( regarding writing an article. For more information regarding the Cornell Real Estate Review, please also visit the CRER website at: