Safety And Data Sheet

Basic Facts

  • Symbol - Y
  • Atomic Mass - 58 kg
  • Discovered by: Steve and Elizabeth Young in Dallas, Texas
  • Occurrence: found in the streets and school; well distributed and found in abundance

Physical Properties

  • Surface Properties include brown hair with brown eyes and tan skin
  • Boils when people take things too seriously
  • Melts when everything is laid back
  • Can cause happiness if there is no homework
  • Specimens can be found in various states: Happy if it is summer and/or the weekend... Sad when school starts... Focused when procrastination is involved

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by nothing, absolutely nothing.
  • Is attracted to the weekend, summer, and freedom
  • May explode spontaneously if yelled at for no reason
  • Requires copious amounts of food and freedom
  • Is inert if travelling or with friends
  • Will repel people not wanting fun
  • Is impervious to terrible liars