The Auto-Ref

Created by Rae, Cindy, Madison

About the creators

All three of use are athletes and have experienced bad calls at games or at other sports events and we decided to create a machine that will hopefully improve reffing throughout the years.

What is the Auto-Ref ?

The Auto-Ref replaces refs, as simple as that . So the whale works is that it has a selection of sports to read such as football, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse most people that play sports complain about how the rest make bad calls etc.

Where can you buy it and how much does it cost ?

The Auto-ref can be found at dicks sporting goods, academy, and sports authority. The Auto-ref usually costs around $50-$60.


There would be less favoring of diffrent teams, and it will have fair calls. The Auto-Reff will be a great new addition to the further of sports.

Reports from real life athletes.

  • "The Auto-Ref is the upcoming solution of bad refs"
  • " The Auto-Ref will be a slam dunk in the NBA"
  • " The Auto-Ref will be a touch down in the books"