Kepler 22B

BY: Dylan Beer

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Below you will find the diagram of how kepler 22b orbits


Diameter: 2.4 x Earth

Distance rom its sun: 79 million miles

Average temperature: they say the average temperature is 72 degrees

Length of a year: 290 days

# of moons: 0

# of RIngs: 0

My Age if i lived there: 20 years old

distance from earth: 620 light years

3 interesting facts

1. Kepler 22b orbits slightly closer to its parent star like the earth orbits the sun

2. Kepler 22b was discover February 2011 and confirmed december 2011

3. Kepler 22b is an important part in the exoplanet hunters in the hunt for earth 2.0

3 problems living there

  1. There could be too less land because there is too much water, so that would make it hard to find land to live on
  2. the atmosphere is too much for the human body too handle but that can be fixed with an oxygen mask
  3. There won't be enough food or clean water to drink and that will cause people to die of hydration or starvation.

how those problems can be fixed

  1. they can build villages on the water so they have places to live.
  2. they can just carry around oxygen masks so they can breathe easier and not die of not being able to breathe
  3. they can pack lots and lots of food so they can have food when they get there but i don't know how long it would last and they can bring lots of water but you can go longer without water then you can without food