German Texans

By: Grant Reese

Map- Homeland Push Factors

  • Germans wanted to escape the economic problems that were going on in their country.
  • There were a ton of people and the Germans wanted to immigrate to get out of the overpopulated country.

Map- Texas, Pull Factors

Texas was a place for the Germans to restart their lives and get away from some of Germany's problems at the time. Friedrich Ernst was influencing many Germans to start an immigration to Texas. As Germans began to immigrate over to Texas people began to write books on how great the German Texan life was and influenced even more Germans to immigrate. Cities like New Braunfels, Industry, and Fredricksberg were cities that the Germans settled in. They mainly settled in the gulf coastal plains region.

Culture Highlight

There are many German festivities and traditions. Oktoberfest is ironically held in September, not in October. The Bad Durkheim Wurstmarkt which has a lot of wine and sausage is a great tradition in Germany and is held every year. In February the Fasching is a carnival season. The Fasching includes Rosenmontag (Rose Monday), and "Fetter Dienstag" (Fat Tuesday). In the Mainz Parade, Germans put on costumes and ride the train from Vogelweh.

Significant Individuals

Friedrich Ernst otherwise known as “Father of the Texas-German Immigrants” was a very important factor in the immigration. He was giving the nickname “Father of the Texas-German Immigrants” because of his influence in drawing settlers to the new territory. An important group during this period was the '48ers. They were a scholarly, wealthy class of Germans who arrived during the German Revolutions of 1848. Within this group there were people called "free thinkers". They would form experimental colonies like the town of Bettina.

Did You Know?


( get a question right)

  1. What was one push factor for the Germans?
  2. What month is oktoberfest in?
  3. Who was known as the "father of German Texan immigrants"?
  4. What group was defined as... "a scholarly, wealthy class of Germans"?


Germany affected Texas because of the amount of Germans that immigrated at one time. They also affected Texas during the civil-war because the German Texans took the Union's side during the war. There are still people who live in Texas today who have German or German Texan ancestry within their family.


I believe that Texas was not better off at the time of the immigration because the German Texans sided with the Union and Texas sided with the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. However, I believe they are better off today because


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By: Grant Reese, Culture Group: Germany, 5th Period.