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Dear JMK Beauty Advice,

My name is Sarah. I am 19 years old, and I live in Austin, TX. I just moved here, and recently have been seeing a lot of pimples appear on my face. Is it the pollution here..? I have absolutely no idea what's causing this, and what can I do to get rid of these pimples?!

Cleansing Your Skin Keeps The Pimples Away!

Dear Sarah,

Oily skin + dirt & wind = pimples & clogged pores! Dirt and soot get on your face everyday, and they worm themselves into your pores. Cleansing daily helps clean off most of the dirt and soot. DO NOT touch your face! Your hands have dirt and germs that can stick to your face when you touch your face. So keep on cleaning, and if you give it some time, about 6 weeks, you will definitely see a change in your skin! Good luck and hope you were able to get what you wanted!

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