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CO 2 Cars

Dear Parents,

Our sixth grade students have started a unit on force and motion; a very fun part of physics. We are excited to introduce a new learning activity for this unit. This year your student will be able to design, build, and race CO2 Dragsters. If you are not familiar with CO2 cars, they are racers constructed from a block of Balsa wood and propelled by a CO2 cartridge. You may Google “CO2 dragster cars” to learn more. They are fast, fun, and a great activity for our students to learn the many lessons about force and motion.

We envision three days of design and building with one day of racing. Students will analyze data from their designs and race results to formulate conclusions regarding the laws of force and motion. Construction will take place in class. This activity will count as a major project grade.

We are asking each student to bring $8 in cash or check to cover the cost of the CO2 Dragster Kit. The kits will be purchased by teachers and include everything the students will need to build and race. If you are able to, we are asking you to sponsor one child who may not have the resources. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please return the bottom portion of this letter along with your payment to your science teacher no later than Friday, Oct.20, 2017.

Mrs. Edrington, Mrs. McDermott, Mr. Cope, Mr. Avila

STUDENT NAME: ___________________________________________________

TEAM: ______________________________ PERIOD: ____________

AMOUNT: _____________________

□ Yes, I would like to sponsor another student.
□ I am unable to assist at this time.

Pumpkin Chunking

We will be making mini catapults in class the week of 10/23- 10/27. We will be launching or catapults (weather permitting) 10/31.

In order to complete this lab, we are in need of a few supplies. Please click HERE if you are able to help.