How Egyptian People Dress

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The ancient Egyptians wore light clothes made from linen because of how hard working they were. .Linen is made from flax -a plant which was grown along the Nile River.



All men wore a wrap around skirt that was tied around with a light silk belt. The length of the skirt changed according to fashion. In the time of the old kingdom they wore short wraps and in the middle kingdom they wore calf length.

Rich Egyptians men wore great quality linen which was almost see through and if they could afford jewellery they would use it to dress up for special occasions.


Egyptian women wore long dresses sometimes held by one or two straps. During the new kingdom pleated or draped was stylish, these were made from transparent linen. Rich women sometimes wore headpieces to decorate outfits.


Children did not wear clothes until 6 years of age and when they did they wore the same as men and women.

Footwear& jewellery&makeup


Foot wear

The ancient Egyptians went bear foot to most places unless they were going to a special occasion.


Egyptians wore jewellery to dress up their outfits on special occasions.

Make up

Egyptian men and women wore makeup they used black eyeliner to line their eyes and lashes. Hannah was used for lips and nails

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