School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Business Meeting

Parkland Announces Details for New Elementary School Site

Land Donated by Jaindl Land Company

The School Board adopted a resolution agreement to accept a donated parcel of land from David Jaindl, owner of Jaindl Farms and Jaindl Land Company, for the purpose of building a new elementary school. The parcel is approximately 18 acres in size and is located on the west side of Twin Ponds Road between Long Lane and Schantz Road. Read the full press release here.


The Board recessed to personally thank David Jaindl for his donation as he was present at the meeting. David expressed publicly that he and his family were happy to make the donation and that he, his wife, his father and five children are all Parkland graduates.

Robert Cohen announced that the Parkland Community Library has received approval from South Whitehall Township to perform an exploratory study to see what options may exist for expanding the current library's space and/or parking lot without the burden of a tax increase.

Robert Cohen told the Board that he sat in on the District's Multicultural Awareness Committee that has been meeting for 8 years. The Committee listened to a guest speaker from Crossroads Antiracism, a nonprofit that helps communities move along a continuum towards cultural acceptance, understanding, respect and justice. He stated that he was glad to know that the committee has existed for a long time and Parkland Administration has established many relationships across the community to help foster open dialogue about cultural issues.

Barry Long mentioned that he was pleased to see so many acts of kindness and service demonstrated in the Student Rep's monthly report. He thanked the principals for supporting endeavors that place a value on giving back to the community and society.

The next Community Advisory Council Meeting will take place on March 16 at 7 PM at the Administration Center. The topic of the meeting will be “Full-Day Kindergarten / Mindfulness.”

Next Meeting: March 21, 2017 at 7 PM (Workshop), 8 PM (Regular Meeting)