Welcome to EGYPT !

Here are some tips for travel Egypt.


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We are going to talk about useful informations for people who want to travel to Egypt or are interested about Egypt

Where is Egypt?

1. Capital city : Cairo

2. Language : Arabic

3. Climate : Dry climate

4. Religeon : Islam 90% Coptic 10%


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What is Landmark of Egypt?

What is famous food in Egypt?


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Let's enjoy festival !!!

Abu Simbel Festival

Abu Simbel is the small city of southernmost in Egtpt. There is a temple of Ramssesseu junior. Abu Simbel festival is open in February 22th and October 22th every year. Radically, the Abu Simbel festival is for selebrate the birthday of Ramssesseu junior in February 22th and October 22th every year. these days in festival, we can see the traditional dance of each tribe.

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Be careful !! - TABOO

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- Do not cross your legs in front of the master of the house or any other elder person. Which is thought to be very impolite in Egypt.

- Do not walk around alone if you are a woman.

- Do not eat and drink or smoking in public places on Muslim fasting day.

- Do not wear sleeveless tops and short skirts or short on the street or in market.

- Do not get into a taxi without asking the price first or use a meter counter.