Ducks to Dolphins

Swim Lessons


Ducks to Dolphins was started in 2008, and is a self owned and operated business. I teach children ages 3-13 how to swim; I also teach life saving skills. All lessons are given over the summer during May, June, and July. References available upon request.

What You Need To Know Before Signing Your Swimmer Up...

  • Payment is due upon arrival of first lesson unless previously arranged
  • The cost is $65 per week per swimmer, or $60 per week per swimmer for two or more siblings; 2 week classes are recommended, but not required
  • Private lessons are available; email me for pricing
  • Each lesson consists of 1 hour, and are taught Monday through Friday
  • Classes are grouped based on age or skill level; no more than 6 swimmers per class
  • Parents do not stay for the lesson
  • Lessons that are cancelled due to weather will be made up on the following Saturday unless otherwise stated
  • Ill-timed cancellations and no-shows will result in a re-registration fee of $65 to be paid at least two weeks ahead of time in order to reschedule another lesson; please refer to the Payment/Cancellation Policy below
  • An "Ill-timed cancellation" is when a parent has decided not to bring their swimmer to the previously scheduled lesson without at least a week's notice given to the instructor
  • A "no show" is when a parent does not bring their swimmer, and gives no notice to the instructor

Payment/Cancellation Policy

Ducks To Dolphins offers initial registration/booking of classes without deposits or fees. This registration will reserve a spot for your child at the agreed upon day and time. Payment is due in full on the first day of lessons unless other arrangements are made. I accept cash, check or a major credit card.

In the event you have to cancel/reschedule your child(s) registration, please notify me at least one week in advance to accommodate the waiting list and give as many children a chance to get into a swim lesson group. In the event your child becomes sick close to the start of their lessons, please notify me as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made. “No Shows” or “ill-timed” cancellations will require a deposit to re-Register and reserve a future spot for your child.

Swim lessons are scheduled based on skill more than age, and take a great deal of time to ensure your children are booked into classes with children of similar skills. This creates a non-threatening social environment that helps to ensure your child a positive, encouraging experience where they will flourish as young swimmers.

Be Prepared!

Before your swimmer gets their feet wet, look over these reminders:
  • Payment is due Monday upon arrival (unless you have talked to me first)
  • Parents do not stay for the lesson
  • No outside toys allowed in the pool area (this includes goggles)
  • Goggles are allowed as long as they do not have a nose piece
  • Please make sure your swimmer has sunscreen applied upon arrival
  • Please bring your own towel
  • Please arrive on time to the lesson, and to pick up your swimmer (late pick-ups can be a distraction to the next class and a safety hazard)
  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your swim lesson starts/ends
  • Please do not park on the grass. Park on the driveway or street.
  • Please do not allow your swimmer into the pool area without you (the deep end is closest to the gate and is a safety hazard for unattended children)