Rankin Elementary

April 20, 2015; Bulletin #29

Week In Review....

Monday: 5th Grade band rehearsal at the HS-9:45 - 12:20; I will be out of the building in the morning at the administration building for the GAS meeting.

Tuesday: FAC @ 8:00 am; Steering Committee @ 4:15 pm; M-STEP Testing Math

Wednesday: Last Late/Early Start @ 8:20; M-STEP Spring Pictures; Honor Roll Celebration

Thursday: M-STEP Testing - Math; Fire Drill


One week done! The worst part is we have seven more weeks of testing! We will continue with 5th grade math testing this week. We are learning as we go. They have changed the testing so that students that do not finish may continue working until they are complete. This helps with our slow testers. The goal is to finish within one day but they have altered testing guidelines to allow for students to continue testing if needed. They are changing things as they go as well! We are learning as we go and will see what the math test this week brings....

I want to thank everyone for their flexibility and assistance last week. All of you had to adjust in some way this past week and testing went as well as could be expected...

We shall see what this week brings!

Late/Early Start

This week we will begin PLC time with your presentations. Feel free to bring them on a flash drive or email them to me prior to Wednesday and I will have them available. The order for presentations is 4, Music, K-1, PE, 5, and 2-3. Randomly picked by Kristina.