4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ February 4, 2016

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Learning Targets of the Week


*Add fractions with and without like denominators


*Use vivid, interesting, and precise language to describe something

* Understand the meaning of words with suffixes -ful, -ness, -ment, -less

*Identify facts and opinions in text

*Use text clues to make inferences and predictions

Social Studies

* Create a timeline with accurate dates and information depicting events that occurred in WA State and around the country from 1450-1850


* Record observations of various minerals

*Use observations to identify minerals


* Prepare for MMO- " We Bury the Alleluia During Lent"

You're Kind of a Big Deal

Valentine's Day Party- On Friday, Feb. 22nd, students will exchange valentines and partake in treats from 2:00-2:45pm. If you choose to participate please make sure everyone is included. We will not be creating valentine mailboxes in class, but the kids are welcome to create something at home and bring it school to collect their valentines.
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Monday, February 8th- 4th Grade MMO @ 8:30am

Other Important Dates

Friday, Feb. 12th: Lenten Mass @ 9am

Monday, Feb. 22nd: Prayer Test on Apostle's Creed

Friday, Feb. 26th: February Passport Check Day