EMP 1 Job Attributes


IT Support Engineer

Company information:

300 London Rd

City Gate


DE24 8WY

01332 794880

specific attribute required

Providing a high level of IT Support to a wide range of users – from shop floor to Senior Management, Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2003 to 2012, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, VMware.

It is essential that you have work experience in this area due to the amount of usage you will have with these programmes.

general attribute required

Ability to work as an individual or as part of a team.

It is vital that you can work in a team and individually. When working as part of a team it helps get things done quicker and with more brain power comes more ideas and suggestion. Being part of a team is about putting all of your minds together to overcome obstacles more easily.

On the other hand it is also key that you can work as an individual as well as it shows that you can be independent and reliable and that you don't have to rely.


Goal orientated and persistence.

It is important that you make goals for yourself. By making goals for yourself it shows that you are looking to do well and that you are willing to push yourself. It is significant that you can remain persistent with your goals as they may take time and some may happen sooner than others.


First Line Support

Aspect House

Aspect Business Park

Bennerley Rd



0115 856 1082

Specific attribute

Comprehensive knowledge of MS office package, Basic knowledge of PC hardware.

It's important that you have this knowledge in these areas due to the fact that this job role is based around the package and the hardware.

General Attribute

Good communication skills both written and verbal.

It is absolutely essential that you have excellent written and verbal communication skills as you will be answering calls and emails. You have to be professional in the way you respond to people giving them the best possible response.


Being able to use your initiative.

It is ideal that you can use your initiative because with this job you will be answering all kinds of people, no day will be the same so when you run into a road block it is important that you can use your initiative and overcome the problem.