Homestead Library


Dear Homestead Teachers

Every month you'll be receiving a newsletter with reminders and and updates as to what's happening in the library for each grade. We are so eager to collaborate with you all on any project that involves literature, research, or technology.

- Amanda and Deb

Important Dates!

  • International Dot Day: September 15th, 2014. This week, all classes in the library will focus on how creativity inspires. Check it out, use it in your classroom!
  • September 11th, the library will be closed from 11-1:30 for the strategic design committee. Classes who have library at that time, don't worry... we will be coming to see you!

Things to Remember

  • Students are welcome in the library at any time. The library is open at 7:20 and closes at 3:00. Students may come to the library before and after school as long as they have permission from teachers and/or parents.
  • Need a moment to relax?? We have a TEACHER ROOM! In the library we have a room where you can find serenity, chocolate, and books... all things necessary!! We would love to see you. Come by!
  • Please pick up your class on time. We have several classes that back up to each other and we want to make sure everyone has an adequate amount of time in the library.
  • All 60 MacAirs and 36 library ipads are available for check out. We will be using a google calendar (instead of eduphoria) that you will have access to this week. If you check out tech- send a students down to pick up (or we can deliver if time permits). If possible, please make sure devices are returned to the library before dismissal.
  • Book return: No need to hurry your books down to the library in the morning. Just bring them in when your class comes to the library that day and we will get them taken care of. Each book needs to be returned every week. Students may renew a book if they aren't finished with it but I need to see the book in order to recheck it out to them.