October Newsletter

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A Message From Miss Nahas

Greetings Families of Room 201,

It has been an action-packed month of October! The students have successfully finished their first hands-on Social Studies project, and we are nearing the end of our first Narrative writing unit.

  • A reminder that the Halloween Parade is at 2pm on Thursday, October 31st.
  • Remember to use my Website Calendar to check out upcoming long-term homework and tests.
  • Conference times and dates will come home in the Wednesday folder this week.
  • If transportation changes are made, please email both myself and lbradley@cbsd.org or acarhart@cbsd.org so that the office is also aware if I do not get to check my email immediately.
  • It's that time of the year when it begins to get cold! Don't forget to send your child with a coat.
  • Check out the Photo Gallery tab to see pictures from the American Indian Project!

Enjoy the fall festivities with your families, and Happy Halloween!

A PACKED October!

In the month of October, a lot of events went on and there are still events that didn't come up yet. Our class did the Indian Project and performed our presentation for the whole fifth grade and for our parents. In October, the school had a pumpkin contest where a bunch of students have fun and decorate pumpkins to their desire and enter it in the pumpkin contest. This current week is Red Ribbon Week; Red Ribbon Week is when the school teachers you not to do bad things when you are older such as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco (cigarettes). Next week we have Halloween. We will come to school and we will have a Halloween Parade. In the Halloween Parade, we will all dress up in our costumes and the parents will come and we will walk around the blacktop in the recess yard or in the gym. This month was a great month and I'm looking forward to next month!


I'm learning so much in 5th grade. Like not to use tobacco, drugs, and not to smoke cigarettes. Also I'm learning about Native Americans and how they lives and how they made clothes, how they hunted. I'm also learning about the water cycle. I can't wait for the new projects.


I'm looking forward to the Halloween Parade. I love Miss Nahas as a teacher. She is the greatest teacher ever. She is a great teacher and making my year special.


I'm going to have a great year with my teacher. I'm looking forward to doing math, reading, science, social studies. This is going to be the best year ever.


I love being on the Grubs team and counting tickets for the Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest. I can't wait for the Halloween Parade. I loved science for the water cycle. I also liked the Red Ribbon Week. I also love typing my narrative piece. I loved writing the Drop around Jamison. I can't wait for Sunday to go to the petting zoo with my nephew and the pumpkin patch.


In the month of October, our fifth grade class has been extremely busy. The fifth grade took over the Jamison Today Show. Our Native American Project was fun, yet there was a lot of hard work put into getting everything assembled and rehearsed. Grab those masks and put on those costumes, because the annual Jamison Halloween Parade is this week!



Grubs has been real fun so far. I enjoy going through the 2nd and 3rd grade hallway and seeing old teachers and going through the trash it is for some really fun. I hope the rest of the year goes like this.


Red Ribbon Week

This week I learned about how people will try to sell you tobacco and drugs like cigarettes. They'll try to make cool logos with celebrities on them. They only tell the good stuff and don't give anything that are bad. Drugs over time can rot your lungs and make you sick.


Jamison Today Show

Some students in 5th grade participated in the Jamison Today Show. We have a tech crew that takes care of the computers and videos. We have actors and actresses that are actually acting in the show and reading the script. We have four cameras. One of the cameras is the television, every classroom has a television so they can watch the show; the second camera is on the computer where the tech crew is supposed to be doing all of the effects on the show. The third and fourth cameras switch from the actresses and actors on the television to the weather that says the weather on the show. The Jamison Today Shows starts out on Camera Three and switches to Camera Four which shows the weather person. On Camera Four, they usually say the sports too. Sometimes they bring someone to say the sports out to the actresses and actors and he or she will just sit with them and say the sports. He or she will just leave the chairs and the actors and actresses will continue acting. We have a green screen that shows different backgrounds. I think it is really cool and I think other people think it is cool too.


With the Jamison Today Show, volunteer kids help with the morning announcements. Some of the jobs us kids help with are tri-caster, anchor, and camera/sound. These jobs help us kids with computer skills and first hand reporting. This is a fun and exciting job!


This month I was on Jamison Today Show. I was very excited and nervous. I was so happy when I saw my name under Mr. H's list. We had many meetings and worked very hard. When Mr. H told me I was going to be an anchor I was so happy! The best thing was my anchor partner Sonya. I was so excited on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 because I was on TV!


Halloween Festivities at Jamison

You are probably wondering why I called this "Halloween." Well, if you are here- why: On October 31st (Halloween), we are having a Halloween parade. I am excited because I have a big blow up morph suit. It's green, there are green gloves, and green socks. I can't wait to wear it. I love it.


This October, Grubs Ecology held their annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. I am a participant in Grubs, so I helped with selling tickets. We sold lots of them. I even sold someone 100 tickets for $20!! My family and I also entered a pumpkin. Our pumpkin was a beach scene with a big pumpkin beach ball in the center. It was called Shorely Bootiful. I hope that everyone enjoyed making and decorating, looking, and voting for the pumpkins.


I am very excited for this year's Halloween parade. I will be a morph suit skeleton. I can't wait to walk around like that. I hope people like my costume! I also hope that we have a fun party in our class.


I'm really looking forward to the Jamison Halloween Parade. I can't wait to see everybody's Halloween costumes. I bet it's going to be a lot of fun! I wonder what everyone is going to be for Halloween?


American Indian Project

I loved researching the Native Americans and performing as a Makah. It was so fun! I now known what I didn't know before about them. In the presentation, I got to be a fisherman who fished Salmon and Halibut in particular. Even though some people accidentally messed up my fishing rod, I still had fun.


I loved researching and performing the Indians. The Makahs were very interesting. Now I know more about the other tribes too, if I didn't learn about the Makahs, I wouldn't know about the other tribes and in the project and book, I would have been lost because it said there was an Inuit tribe member driving them to a harbor. I learned what they hunted, how they hunted, how to make a canoe out of cardboard boxes, and how to fix a broken shelter. I had fun even though people accidentally broke Kevin's fishing rod and my canoe.


In October, we were assigned a tribe. We were Makah, Tlingit, Coast Salish, or the Inuit. We had to research and do several activities. On the day of the presentation, classes watch us and we watched them. The parents got to watch us at the end of the day, and they are allowed to get involved. We wore different Pacific Northwest clothes that we could find in our closets. My favorite part was learning so many new things about that one tribe. It was one of my favorite projects that I have ever got to be a part of it.


Room 201 participated in the Native American project. The other 5th grade classes participated too. In our class we had different tribes. In our class we were all tribes from the Pacific Northwest. The tribes that we were in were the Coast Salish Tribe, the Tlingit Tribe, the Makah Tribe, and the Inuit Tribe. We all researched information about our tribe. We had certain topics to research like location, climate, shelter description, transportation, food, religious/culture, relationships with other tribes, roles of men/women/children, clothing, and songs/dances.


Just a few weeks ago in fifth grade, we finished our Native Americans project. We learned facts and had fun while doing it like how they hunted to how they talked. Our group, the Inuit tribe had games and facts. The boys did too and one was games was trying to catch a fish. The other one was shoot a bow and arrow at a little target. The girls did dancing and facts about food. We built an igloo and was probably 4.5 feet tall.


In 5th grade, you get to do the Indian Project. Probably wonder what it is, well it is a project where you research about your tribe or region. I was in a tribe called the Coast Salish in the Pacific Northwest. It was awesome, we dressed up like Indians. Everyone looked so cool and fierce. Kids who are under than 5th grade, please enjoy the Indian Project.


I loved the Indian Pacific Northwest project because we got to dress up in costumes and dance around. I did lots of research and learned so much about my tribe the Makahs. It was probably my favorite thing this year. I had so much fun and I hope everyone who saw it learned something.


I was very excited for the Native American project this year. I was part of the Makah tribe. Even though I was prepared, but I still had the butterflies in my stomach. It was very interesting when I visited the other classrooms. I was especially busy when somebody's brother came and had some "fun." I was very busy indeed. I had a lot of fun!


I loved the Pacific Northwest Indian Project because I loved the costume and the dance and sharing facts with other classes. It was very hard work but it was very fun. I did lots of work and research about my tribe the Inuit tribe. I loved to perform for the others. I had so much fun performing with my tribe. I loved making the shelter and making the poster. It was probably my favorite thing this year so far.


In the 5th grade I like the Indian Project. You will get to do the Indian Project too. If you are wondering what it is, well you're very lucky because I am going to tell you. Miss Nahas' class is in the Pacific Northwest region. You get to pick what tribe you want to be in and hand it in. When you do that, the teacher will see what group she wants you to be in. she will try to put you in the group you want. There will be the Coast Salish tribe, the Makah tribe, the Inuit tribe, the Chinnook tribe, and Tlingit tribe. You will research your tribe and when the time comes, you get to dress up in anything that is brown, or that you think is warm like a vest, boots, etc. Everybody please enjoy the Indian Project and remember to have fun.


I think the most important part of October was the American Indian Project. Each class was split up into different tribes and they all explained about their tribe's lifestyle and everything. I think Mr. Hottenstein's room was the best because they weren't a bunch of tribes giving out information about the Eastern Woodlands Indians, they were split up into different activities and groups teaching you about their lifestyle as a whole. It was awesome Tommy had real obsidian! You can only find that in streams by volcanoes that have been solidified by magma. He had a chunk of it about the size of my palm! If he traded it for cash, I'm not joking, He would be a trillionaire. In other words, the richest person in the world. Brendan taught me how to peel birch trees, which is what Indians used to paint memories and feelings. Our class was the Pacific Northwest Indians, and we all had a blast. My script was originally about transportation and location, but they were almost identical so after the first class left, I quickly made up a script about canoeing, fishing, and how to hold a spear when you hunt deer and buck. It actually turned out to be a pretty good presentation for me. We had six people in our group: Me, Emily, Alex, Yvonne, Kale, and Hunter. Even though I left early, I had fun working with my friends.


5th Grade- Jamison Elementary School