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We Have a Reading Heart


Monday, March 21 - CCCMS 7:45-11:00 and Lincoln 11:05-4:05
Tuesday, March 22 - Garfield 7:45-11:30 and CCCMS 11:35-3:45
Wednesday, March 23 - CCCMS 7:45-11:00 and Lincoln 11:05-4:05
Thursday, March 24 - Garfield 7:45-11:30 and CCCMS 11:35-3:45
Friday, March 25 - No School - Good Friday

Individual Library Web Pages

Check out our web pages. Each school has their own library web page now. You can find what the top 10 checked out books are for each library, search the catalog directly from the web page, watch videos related to each school's library, etc. Plus more to come.



I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. This is an orange week and during library checkout and story time we will have special guest readers. This week we are celebrating Ag Week and the Clay County Farm Bureau has arranged for guest readers to come in and read during our story time.

Checkout our Destiny home page.

On Friday we will see:

Due to this Friday being Good Friday we do not have school and will not have lessons this week.

3rd Grade Edwards and Bent -
2nd Grade Swihart and Mick -
1st grade Hays and Carr -
Kindergarten Schmitz and Richter -


Checkout our Destiny home page.

All students can stop by the library to vote in the first round of our Garfield Book Battle. Voting will end on Thursday, March 24th.

We will see Mrs. Williams/Mrs. Wuthrich's and Mr. Edward's classes on Tuesday and we will see Mrs. Pfizenmaier's and Mrs. Deines' classes on Thursday for library lessons.

The 4th graders - We will continue to practice visualizing as we read. We will also introduce the realistic fiction genre and discuss what books meet this criteria.

The 5th graders will check their Dewey Dare Devil shelf, we will post our finished posters and film our shelf commercials. We are almost done and soon will have all the commercials ready for viewing.


Checkout our Destiny home page.

I will be at the middle school half days Monday through Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday I will be at CCCMS in the afternoon. Monday and Wednesday I will be at CCCMS in the morning. Our library assistant, Tasha Siemers, will be here Tuesday through Wednesday and Friday morning. We will have a sub in the library for Tasha on Monday.

On Tuesday Mrs. Hallberg will be in the library for checkout during 6th hour. On Wednesday Mr. Yenni will be in the library 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th hours for checkout.
During 8th hour on the following days, Monday (Mrs. Blake), Tuesday (Mrs. Hallberg), Wednesday (Mrs. Yenni), Thursday (Mrs. C. Roth) the 6th grade language arts classes will be in the library for checkout.

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