Shawnee, Oklahoma, May 19,2013 & Moore, Oklahoma May 20,2013


To describe step by step how a tornado forms.

Shawnee, Oklahoma Tornado

Wind Speed of Tornado

The wind speed for the Shawnee, Oklahoma Tornado was at high winds speeds of 150 mph.
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Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

Wind speed of the Tornado

The wind speed for the Moore Tornado went up to high speeds of 190-200 mph.
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What is a Tornado?

A tornado is a localized, violent destructive windstorm that occurs on land, especially in the Middle West, and looks like a long funnel-shaped cloud going toward the ground and is packed with lots of condensation and debris.

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How are tornadoes formed

Damages caused in Shawnee, Oklahoma

1. The Shawnee Tornado killed one person and it was a 79 year old man.

2. About 21 people were injured while the tornado was occurring.

3. It caused major damage at a trailer park near Oklahoma City.

5/19/2013 Shawnee / Dale, OK Violent Tornado

Damages caused in Moore, Oklahoma

1. Many houses were destroyed.

2. Two elementary schools such as Plaza Towers Elementary & Briarwood Elementary were demolished.

3. A hospital was taken down by the strong winds and patients had to be moved to other local hospitals.

4. Death Toll= 24 including the 9 children

5/20/13 Moore, OK EF-5 Tornado

Fujita Scale

The Fujita Scale was a scale that was used to measure tornado intensity and damage that the tornado has caused. The tornadoes ranked 5 on the Fajita Scale.

Other Areas affected by the tornado

Other areas such as Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma were also affected by both the Moore and Shawnee tornado.

States included in Tornado Alley:

1. Texas

2. Kansas

3. Oklahoma

4. Florida

5. Nebraska

6. Iowa

7. Illinois

8. Missouri

9. Mississippi

10. Alabama


We described the damages, wind speeds and deaths that occurred during the Moore and Shawnee tornado.