Disney Celebration Digest 2022-23

April 24, 2023

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Notes from Dr. Elliott

Dear Disney Families,

I am still in shock that this week is the last week of April. We have 23 school days left before we close out the 2022-23 school year. Did anyone else see 2022-23 go by? I blinked! As we start the countdown to summer break, we still have loads of learning to do and fun to have.

Below, you will find a little parenting tip to help your child deal with an unsafe or difficult situation.

Tattling vs. Reporting

At Disney, the adults in the building teach, model and practice the belief that "our job is to keep you safe. Your job is to help me keep us safe." This belief comes from Conscious Discipline and our positive support system we have in place. Counselor Moore and all staff remind students of Safety First consistently. Students can recite this statement and also provide an example of this in age appropriate ways. Recently, I have had several conversations with students and parents about a situation where the child was "afraid to tell an adult" because they didn't want to be a "Tattle Tale".

When we hear this, we remind students of their job, "to help us keep everyone safe". Can an adult in the building do their job, if they do not know there is a problem or someone is feeling unsafe? The students usually reply, 'no'. I am asking parents to partner with us in teaching children that there is a time to report actions and words to a safe adult in the building. Here are some ways to partner with us.

  • Remind children to REPORT: Reporting is telling a safe adult about "an adult-sized" problem, when they are trying to keep someone safe, telling about something that was done on purpose, the child feels they can't solve it on their won, someone is in danger or someone is physically or emotionally hurt.
  • Ask your child who their safe adults are in the building: Some students may not feel their classroom teacher is the first person they want to talk to. You may have a discussion with your child about this concern first. However, there are several safe adults in the building: specialty teachers, nurses, principal, secretary, counselor and so on. Have your child share their top three adults who could be their safe adult when they need to report.
  • Stop using the term, "snitch". There is a difference between tattling and reporting. Even if a child is tattling, help them learn different strategies to deal with the "little sized problems". Do not refer to it as snitching or tattling. You may ask your child some of the ideas on the chart included. Ask your child about a strategy he/she has learned from Counselor Moore!
  • Encourage your child to practice with you. Sometimes it helps when children can role play with a trusted adult, especially if they are shy/timid. You might practice a situation that a child tells you about when they get home from school. Then encourage your child to report to a teacher the following day.

We want to help children feel encouraged and empowered to be part of making Disney safe. This will help grown confidence, connection and ownership in their learning.

Thank you so much for your partnership and use of this shared language. When students hear their parents use this language, it can only strengthen the child's confidence and courage.

In this issue you will find:

  • March Dolphin Rally Winners
  • A Note about MAP testing
  • Staff Appreciation Week Need to Knows
  • Important Events up to the last day of school
  • Flyers from our Partners

Your partner in education,

Dr. Lori Elliott

Disney Principal


MAP Testing 3-5th Grade

As a reminder, students in the 3rd-5th grade will begin MAP Testing. Please see the schedule below.

Third Grade Testing starts at 8 am

May 1-2 ELA Sessions 1, 2 & 3

May 3-4 Math Session 1,2

May 8 Math Session 3

Fourth Grade Testing starts at 8 am

May 1-3 ELA Session 1, 2, 3 & 4

May 8-10 Math Session 1,2,3

Fifth Grade Testing starts at 9 am

April 26-27 ELA Sessions 1, 2-3

May 1-3 Math Session 1-3

May 8-9 Science Session 1-2

Please help your child by committing to the following:

  • Be on time
  • Ensure your child is getting the appropriate amount of sleep
  • Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast
  • DO NOT send your child in with energy drinks/highly caffeinated drinks
  • Encourage your child to breathe and do their very best
  • Celebrate your child's hard work daily

Fourth grade and first grade will change specialty schedules, recess schedules and lunch schedules. Please check with your child's teacher if you have questions specifically about this change.

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Staff Appreciation Week

It is that time of year where we would like to give lots of shout outs to the staff at Disney Elementary. This year, I have tried to incorporate all staff in this one week, especially as other Appreciation Days fall in this same timeline. In order to ensure all staff are celebrated, I have included an Sponsor-a-Staff sign-up. The staff included on this list work directly with students every single day to ensure your child has what the need to be successful.

Below you will find a list of ways we plan to celebrate our staff. If you choose to sign up to sponsor a staff member, feel free to celebrate that staff member's favorite as well. (i.e., my child's teacher is Mrs. Adams, I would include Mrs. Adams and my sponsored staff that day).

HERE is the Sponsor a Staff sign-up.

Staff Favorites Lists HERE

Below is the days of Celebration:

Monday, May 1: Write or draw a THANK YOU card to a staff member

Tuesday, May 2: Food for Thought Day-Bring the staff something from Favorite Food/Drink list

Wednesday, May 3: Wear Staff's Favorite Color Day

Thursday, May 4: Thanks for helping me Bloom Day-bring or draw the staff's favorite flower

Friday, May 5: Together is Our Favorite Place to Be Day-bring an item from the favorite things list!

PTA has also provided a very wonderful gift to every staff member! Thank you for your continuous support parents!

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Thank you volunteers for all your service and generosity!

Mrs. Gott's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Moore's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Walker's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Williamson's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Brown's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Graffi's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Kennedy's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Snider's Rally Recognition

Upcoming Events



25-Bus Driver Appreciation Day

26-Secretary Appreciation Day

26- Dear Day Guest Readers @7:45am

26-K Field Trip to Zoo 9:30-12:00pm

26-Talent Show Auditions 4th/5th

27-Talent Show Auditions 4th/5th

27-3rd Grade Field Trip to History Museum

28-Rally of the Dolphins 8:15 am

28 RIF Distribution 1st: 1:30pm 2nd: 12:30pm


1-5th MAP Testing

1-5th Staff Appreciation

4-2nd Grade Field Trip Wizard of Oz Ballet

4-Volunteer Appreciation Celebration @ The Barley House 5pm

5- Author Visit 8-8:50 am

6-Art Walk Volunteer Work

7-Art Walk 4-6pm

8-12 MAP Testing

12- 5th Grade Celebration Field Trip 10-12:45

15-19- PTA Penny Wars

17-Last Culture Club

17-4th Grade Field Trip to Wonder Works

18-Neighborhood Block Party 1pm

18 STEAM Night 4pm

19 4th Grade Cardboard Carnival 1-2:15pm

19 5th Grade Field Trip Watershed 9:30-2pm

19 2nd Grade Field Trip Discovery Center 9:30-12:45

22 Penny War Prank Celebration 12:30-2pm

22 End of the Year Awards Rally 7:45-9:00 am K-2/9:15-10:30 3rd-5th

23 Talent Show Dress Rehearsal Time TBD

23 Yearbook Signing Party 1:00-1:45

23 Talent Show 6pm

24 Field Day (schedule coming soon)

25 Last Day of School DISMISS at 12:20 (2 hour early release)

25 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 8:45-9:45

25 5th Grade Promotion Celebration 10:30-12:00/All School Clap Out 12:00-12:15

Mrs. Biellier's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Breshears' Rally Recognition

Mrs. Clearwater's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Lehman's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Blakey's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Hughes' Rally Recognition

Ms. Saxton's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Schmitz' Rally Recognition

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Mrs. Adams' Rally Recognition

Ms. Hanson's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Hoffman's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Oliver's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Fogle's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Gentry's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Graves' Rally Recognition

Mrs. Langford's Rally Recognition