REE Personalized Learning Update


February's Personalized Learning PD

This months PD will take place here online and in your PLCs! This month's focus is on using data to form your flexible learning groups and the expectations of using that data. We will also review the use of formative assessments, routines, procedures in developing students as self directed learners. Lastly, we want to remind you of the importance of conferencing with student around their goals, and giving them choice and voice in their learning. Be sure to read this entire newsletter because there is great information through out.

Data Use and PLC Expectations

We have been meeting in weekly PLC groups to evaluate their data for several years. During these weekly meetings, we have been closely looking at how well our students are doing on a particular standard or skill. We took that information and planned enrichment or remediation activities. This is going to continue since it has shown to be successful. We going to now analyze online data (STAR Math or Reading, MobyMax, IXL, or Study Island) or online data from formative assessments (Google form/test or Plickers) once a month. Check out the section below "PLC Task - TO DO once a month" for your grade level (K - 2) or department (Humanities or STEM) assignment. It is expected that each grade level or department will complete this on a monthly basis.

PLC Task - TO DO once a month

One PLC meeting per month will be set aside to analyze data from an online resource (Moby Max, STAR Math, STAR Reading) or an online formative assessment (teacher created Google Form/Test or teacher created Plicker test). If your grade level or subject area (Humanities or STEM) are using an online resource, pick a particular skill or standard to evaluate. What ever the data source, look at your data and decide what it is showing you. Which students need enrichment, reinforcement, or remediation? How are you going to meet the needs of those students? Record your observations on your weekly PLC data form and save it on the T:drive along with emailing it to administration.

After discussing the informaton above and reading the 3 articles, each teacher should answer the 3 questions on this google form.