North American Natives

By: Elijah Cruz


Mississipians came to the mississippi vally in about 800 AD. The Mississipians brought many plants to mississippi. They increased a lot of population when arriving at mississippi. the reason why they increased the population is because they needed more land.


the Hopewell came to Ohio valley at about 300 BC. when they came to Ohio they built a lot of mounds., Some could be up to 40 to 100 feet! they also made a trading network. they were mentioned as the" mound builders"


The Anasazi's built dam's, ditches, and canals to capture the rain from tops of mesa and channel to gardens on canyon floor. houses made for adobe and stone had many stories, they were apartment like buildings lives on walls and cliffs or large plazas.the heart of the civilization of Chaco canyon was Pueblo Bonito, the heart of the heart of this civilization contained more than 1,000 people. at the civilization they began to build roads and trading networks. craftsman made turquoise jewls, woven baskets, and pottery. influenced art and architecture left from many droughts.


the Adena lived in Ohio around 700 BC. The Adena grew many plants: squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley. they made delicate copper jewelery, and great pottery. Developed burial mounds made of log coved by piles of earth.