Vyctorea Kaczor

dog girl

All About me

I was born in Texas I like the cowboys and TCU horned frogs. I am in fifth grade at joy James elementary school. I want to go to TCU College just like my uncle. I love math, science, and writing. I love cheerleading. I love basket ball I really want to be in it just like my older sister Tatiana. I like doing a bunch of sports. I have three pets name Betsy, Lady, Gordon, and Zeus that make me feel happy and great. I love to hang out with my family all the time. Sometimes I hang out with my brothers and sisters. My cousins and I always play dress up and put makeup on. Also we would show our mothers. I have six sisters and four brothers. My mom works at Flextronics and she makes phones. My dad fixes conditioners. When I grow up I am going to be a teacher. I like to draw. I love to read play with my brothers and sisters do math and science go roller skating with family, go see family out of town also. We go to lots of places like San Antonio, Rio Grande, and east Texas lots of times to see family. We love to see are family all the time.

By: Vyctorea kaczor

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