The Genetic Disorder: Autism

By: Megan Pace

Summary of what happens to a person that has this genetic disorder.

When a person gets Autism, they have problems with verbal and nonverbal communication. They also have repetitive behaviors, such as rocking, spinning, twirling, or jumping. They could also have severely limited activities and interests. 30% of the kids with autism have some physical alteration in early development.

It is usually diagnosed by the age of three.

How do you get this disorder?

First, you can get diagnosed by a psychologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, or a neurologist. Second, the “doctor” will look at your head size. (Usually autistic people have smaller heads) Third, they could look at your family history. Seeing if your relatives have ever had autism. Lastly, they could do some genetic testing, such as chromosome analysis.

What can a doctor do to help this disorder?

There is no cure for autism, but, it can be managed and shaped at a young age.

How is this disorder treated (how are the people who have this disorder helped to feel better)?

If you get intensive therapy, it will help you later in life. This therapy can help with conversational language and also social interactions.

Two important facts about this disorder.

According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention in 2007, autism spectrum disorders now affect 1 in every 150 children in the United States.

Autism diagnoses are increasing at the rate of 10 to 17 percent per year.
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Albert Einstein had Autism