IPS Study Guide

Sections 4.9- Acidification Lab

Acid Rain and Global Warming- 4.9

  • Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, and hydrogen chloride- all create an acidic solution
  • carbonic acid- dissolved carbon dioxide
  • sulfur dioxide (volcanoes, industrial pollution)- acid rain (kills forests)
  • Much of the coal we burn as fuel contains sulfur. it produces sulfur dioxide
  • carbon dioxide is produced when you burn coal, oil, wood, and gasoline

Drinking water- 4.10

  • people get their water form wells, rivers, and lakes
  • the water traveled and dissolved minerals as well as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides ect.
  • sodium chloride and iron chloride affect the taste of water
  • hard water- water that contains too much calcium carbonate

Sinkholes and limestone

  • Limestone- soft and porous
  • it is water soluble- carbonic acid
  • Sinkholes are common in Florida because we have a lot of limestone
  • We were covered by an ocean

Sulfuric Acid

  • discovered in the 8th century by Alchemist/ Chemist
  • used as - led acid batteries, fertilizers, steel industry (prevents rust), dried fruit


  • Magnesium carbonate and acid- Carbon dioxide- dense gas