Culture War & The Supreme Court

Kaelah Khan

4 Supreme Court Cases

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Culture War In The U.S.

is a struggle between two or more sets of conflicting culture values. In America The Culture War is described as conflicts between a conservative or liberal society. Everyone has a world view: Educated or not. Rich or poor. Liberal or Conservative. People's beliefs place you on which ever side of the culture war. People's beliefs usually come from their own background. who they are, where they come from, who they were raised by and how, if they believe in a god, etc. The Culture War is one of the most important debates in today's society because we continue to have a culture war everyday in society. To be completely honest social groups will always come in conflict because not everyone believes in the same beliefs.

Supreme Court's Future in 2016.

political candidates do not often focus on the detail of the controversies that reach the court. As the election of 2016 rises on the political horizon, the conversation among politically active groups is about whether it was wrong in reaching this decision. Democratic operatives are criticizing the decisions by the court giving corporations and rich people more power to spend money to influence elections, giving corporations a religious exemption to providing birth-control services to their female employees, and giving millions of Americans an assured right to have a gun for personal use. There is no doubt that Americans could have an intelligent and meaningful debate about what kind of Supreme Court they want the president and the Senate to put together for the nation.