Private Businesses, Private Ownership of Land

Why Capitalism is the Best Philosophy

Capitalism is the best philosophy because individuals get to own their own businesses privately and make their own money without the government telling them what to do with it. Individuals also get to own their own property and land. These individuals have the right to decide what they do with their property once they purchase it.

Who Created it? Why did it Become Popular?

Adam Smith was the creator of capitalism. His ideas became popular because everyone liked the idea of having private ownership of their businesses and their property. In Smith's ideas the government did not interfere with the peoples rights of owning their own businesses and property.


The benefits of capitalism are that ownership is private and the government does not interfere with the peoples land and businesses. An advantage of Capitalism that the other two philosophies do not have is that you have complete ownership of your belongings. Whereas in the other two philosophies the government has little control or complete control.

Cappitalism Today

We can find Capitalism in the United States, Canada, Austria, and many other countries. Capitalism is still being followed in these countries because the idea has been modified a little so that way the government has a little bit of control so that way the government can maintain order.