The Quarter

A.K.A the caribou

The Begining

The Caribou is featured on the quarter, but unlike the quarter the Woodland Caribou is endangered so this presentation will show and convince you why we need to take action to protect the caribou!

The average Woodland Caribou is 4 feet tall (1.2M) 6 feet long (1.8) and weighs about 250 to 700 pounds.It's average lifespan is about 10 to 15 years. The Woodland Caribou has huge antlers sometimes a bushy beard and is the colour brown but white in the neck. They are a member of the deer family and are adapted to cope with cold winter conditions. Their large concave hooves allow them to travel in deep snow.

The Woodland Caribou lives in the woods of the Northern United States from Maine to Washington State. The northern ecotype of Woodland Caribou have a boarder distribution in Canada.

The Woodland Caribou is a herbivore because they eat primarily ground and tree lichens, but they can also eat shrubs, grasses and willows. It takes 80 to 150 years for a forest to grow enough lichens for the Caribou. The cold hearted animals that eat the cute things are the large grey or timber wolf, wolverine, Canada lynx, us humans, and the gold and bald eagle.

They mate in early October to the late October. One little calf is born into this world for every pair,and the woman is pregnant for 7.5 months. Sadly this miracle happens only once a year for the pair

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Caribou: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin

History of the animal

This sad, sad event happened and still is happening on January 1983.

This was caused by climate changes, poaching, roads, predators,and hunting this kind of caribou.

The long grey or timber wolf, wolverine, gold and bald eagles,Canada lynx, and us humans will be affected if the caribou go extinct (mostly the wolf and least us humans). Because one item of our food supply will be cut off, and that is bad because if this keeps up we will eventually starve.

Here are some pictures of the animal

Protecting the woodland caribou

The caribou can tolerate disturbance in their range up to a certain threshold. Woodland caribou habitat must be managed so that these thresholds are not crossed.

The federal government is asking Canadians what they think about its proposed strategy to prevent threatened woodland caribou from continuing down the path to extinction.

For people who are reading this and want to help you should join earth rangers and support the woodland caribou you can also visit the wildlife action center and support them there and then become a defender of wildlife.Those are some ways you can help.


Thank you for visiting our smore page on The quarter a.k.a The caribou page and hope you are convinced to help the woodland caribou by Justin and Subhan