3/4 Dinner Talk


We worked towards understanding Constant difference today. The idea behind constant difference is that the distance between your age and your students age is constant. For example I will always be 30 years older than my daughter. 40-10 is 30. 41 - 11 is still 30. So it builds upon finding friendly numbers to work on. So that 56 + 44 would be the same as 50 (56-6) + 50 (44+6) =100. We also continued on patterning to help us understand the connections between numbers. Please if you have the time, sit down with your student and take a look at what they are doing on Dreambox. Our log in page is here https://play.dreambox.com/login/2jyu/madocds


We are starting to look at compare and contrast paragraphs as we look at how the Early settlers, for grade three, and medieval europeans, for the grade fours, compare to us and how we in the 21st century live. We have also been talking and writing responses to the reading that we have been doing in class. We have been trying to make our answers better so that we are communicating our ideas clearly. This means:

  1. Using part of the question in the answer.
  2. Using the word because.
  3. Using evidence from the text as proof for your ideas
  4. Trying to make a connection to the book from real life. We eventually get to other books and movies to connect to but right now we are trying to connect to our lives.


Today we started a crayon resist Art. As a class we picked some bright colours and coloured an entire piece of paper as hard as we could. We wanted to fill up the spaces so that we will have some really bright colours to work with for our art. We will be panting it over with black paint tomorrow.